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The Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC Partners with George Soros

The Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC partners with billionaire George Soros to help secure the Latino vote all throughout the United States according to NY times Report. This particular political action committee is necessary for registering millions of Latinos so they can vote.

Democratic candidates have always turned toward Latino voters to help win elections. President Bill Clinton remained in office for two terms during the 1990s with the help of Latino voters. A senior adviser for Ready for Hillary, named Michael Trujillo, stated that during President Bill Clinton’s time in office many Latino People within America were able to vote for the first time. They were also able to prosper economically under Clinton.

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Hillary Clinton’s long standing connection to the Latino community is well documented. She had developed a deep connection with Latino leaders since the 70s. Over the years she became friends with key Latino leaders everywhere. Late radio station and El Mundo newspaper owner Eddie Escobedo was quoted by his son, Escobedo Jr., saying that Hillary Clinton is a person that people can talk to and that she really cares for people.

The Immigrant Voters Win Super Pac has been designed with Hillary in mind. George Soros is a pro-Clinton supporter. During her current campaign to become president he has donated $6 million to help her secure the White House. George Soros has also given $5 million to the current immigrant super PAC. Soros does want Clinton in office because he likes her political views and the direction that she will take the country.

Many immigrant reform organizations that are a part of this super PAC realize that it is an important action to take for the Latino community within America. They are preparing to start campaigning as early as May to prepare Latino voters for the November elections. The target number of registered voters that these pro immigrant agencies expect to reach is 400,000.

Ultimately, if Hillary Clinton can secure the Latino vote in America; chances are she will become the first female president in history. The New York Times provides more information about the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC and George Soros’s contribution to this important group.