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Colin Kaepernick in Hot Water After “Insensitive” Instagram Post

The wide world of wonderful technology can give just as easily as it takes away. For many football players, accounts on Instagram and Twitter give them an easy way to build their brand and a rapport with fans all over the globe. Using these services the right way can lead to players selling more jerseys and becoming more popular. Unfortunately these accounts on social media also offer an opportunity for some pretty severe brain cramps, as 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick soon found out.

Kaepernick has been using the “hashtag” #7tormsComing for the past year or so as his own personal identifier on the network. The 7 stands for his jersey number and the ‘Storms Coming’ shows that Kaepernick thinks he will take the league by storm in the next season. First up on the schedule is a game against the Houston Texans, whose city was being rattled by a deadly storm and flooding issue. Kaepernick posted an image of the storm onto his Instagram with a subtitle that read “I warned you the #7tormsComing #Houston” implying that he would soon descend upon the city to get a win.

Business leaders said that while seemingly devoid of ill intent, the post still was found tacky and distasteful due to the serious nature of the Houston floods. At least 10 people have been killed in the flooding and millions of dollars have been lost in property damage all along Texas and Oklahoma. Kaepernick has since deleted the post and apologized.