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Skout Is Where I Found My UK Girlfriend

I love anything to do with the Internet, and I will spend hours a day searching the net. I am on nearly every social media network out there, and I get excited when I hear about new trends going on online. I’ve been a member of the website Skout for years, but I never thought about using the website to find love. I know that one of the biggest uses of the Skout network is for people to find someone they may be able to love, but it was not my intention to look for a soul mate.

Since I liked to go online and have fun, I thought it might be a good idea to start utilizing Skout, and to start using it for something other than for socializing. I haven’t had a relationship in over a year, and I honestly thought that I was done with looking for the opposite sex because of the heartache I’ve gone through. I decided to start doing a search on the Skout network for a significant other. I thought in my mind all the things that I wanted in a potential partner, and I decided to put these requests into my search.

I was automatically able to find some great women, but I didn’t want to get too serious too soon. I decided to use the “shake to chat” feature to randomly pick girls from anywhere in the world to talk to you. I absolutely love the fact that I can sit and talk with different people from around the world, without having to do a specific search for them. One girl in particular, she really got my attention. The lady was absolutely beautiful, and she was from the UK. After we talked with each other for a while, I had become infatuated with her.

I know that I live in Connecticut, and she lives in a whole other country, but I couldn’t help myself. I talked with her every single night on the Skout network. Sometimes, I would take an extended lunch break at work, just so I could continue communicating with her. We would easily spend hours a day speaking to each other through Skout, and she even gave me her phone number to give her a call. We both talked once in a while on the phone, but we mostly talked through the Skout network. I hope to meet this girl one day, and it’s all thanks to Skout.