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Top Female Cosmetic Surgeon in Austin: Dr. Jennifer Waldren

Being a surgeon has been Dr. Jennifer Waldren’s dream since an early age. In the eighth grade, she received the compliment that she had surgeon hands. Early exposure to the field of medicine attracted her to be a surgeon. Her father was a dentist and her mother was a surgical nurse. She learned how to work hard and care for people through the example set by her parents.

Waldren completed her Doctorate and residency in Texas before moving New York. She wanted to purse her interest in aesthetic surgery as she worked on her fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital. While in New York, she continued to perfect her skills by practicing with the world famous plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston. However, she decided to come home when she made a important life decision: to become a mother.

She chose to be a single mother and wanted her twin sons, now in preschool, to be close to her family. Balancing her highly successful career and home life has been difficult, but she has enlisted plenty of help from her family, nanny, and au pair. The life adjustment from New York to Austin wasn’t easy either, but her skills and innovative thinking has set her apart as one of the top surgeons in Austin.

Publications like Texas Monthly and Harper Bazaar have received peer nominated honors for her. She is a rare gem in her field, because female doctors are rare in cosmetic surgery. She uses 3-D technology to help patients visualize the results of the surgery, and she has even invented tools for breast augmentation that others use in the field. Dr. Waldren has done what most women desire. She has balanced home and work life, and she has become highly successful in her field.


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