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The Deeper Connection is Encouraged by Kabbalah

One of the more attractive aspects of Kabbalah Centre is that they encourage people to engage with the world. Most religions and religious leaders try to tell people to get out of the world. However, when people read the bible, they are met with encouragement to engage people in world and win some over to the faith. One thing about The Kabbalah Centre is that it has a lot of advice that is not expected. However, as with other spiritual disciplines, the advice is for people to become their best selves as long as they are on their planet. They must also do everything they can to achieve self actualization.

One thing that the Kabbalah Centre clears up with people is that it is okay to have earthly desires. Many religious leaders give the impression that all desire is to be denied and that people are to punish themselves for having them. Another message that is sent is that the desires are to be ignored and denied. However, Kabbalah Centre recognizes these desires as a large part of being human. Therefore, the advice is that we accept our desires but be wise. One thing we don’t want is to be destructive. A lot of things we desire are ultimately bad for us.

One thing that the Kabbalah Centre also touches on is a topic that people seem to want to ignore. The topic is fashion. While a lot of people don’t want to put any thought into their clothes and would rather look like everyone else with the hope that they will somehow stand out, the truth is that people are visual. Also, the type of clothes that the individual wears will have some sort of influence on his character. Therefore, even clothing has a spiritual meaning when handled right.

The Evolution of Kabbala Centre

The foundation of Kabbala Centre was established in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, who was the first Chief Kabbalist to modernize its wisdom and make it readily available to all.He later passed on the leadership to his student Rave Yehuda TzviBrandwein, who subsequently handed over to Rav Berg.The principal aim of Kabbala has been to acquire the knowledge of God, and His designs for the seen and unseen universe.In the beginning, Kabbala was perceived as a having been reserved for Jewish scholars who were married and aged 40years and above. Children, women and unlearned men were never considered fit for formal Kabbala training.

RavAshlag did not succeed in acquiring a huge following as he had hoped. Until his death in 1955, he toiled to make Zohar available to the general public and even used his own resources to make this happen.RavBrandwein yearned to carry on RavAshlag’s legacy, but due to his limited resources, he did not do as much as he would have wished. Before his death, RavBrandwein named Rav Berg the President of YeshivatKol Yehuda.Rav Berg’s wife, Karen, was the first woman to study Kabbala and with her influence, they opened up the teachings to everyone who wished to learn, including children and women. In the early 70’s the Rav and his wife moved to Israel and set up the second Kabbala Centre in Tel Aviv. They set up the Centre in the middle of a secular Israel society and offered wisdom to tackle life’s challenges.

In 1984, Rav Berg and Karen set up the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre. They left the passionate and wise followers in charge of the Israel Kabbala Centre. Rav Berg wrote his first books in English so as to appeal to a wider audience.The Kabbala Centre taught a non-religious audience and was seen as a spiritual, rather than a religious way of study. Currently, there are more than 40 KabbalaCentres around the world. Through the KabbalaCentres, Rav Berg and his wife actualized RavAshlag’s vision of integrating humans from all race, religion, and nationalities.Celebrities such as Madonna, Britney Spears, the late Elizabeth Taylor, and Sandra Bernhard have shown interest in the Jewish Kabbalah.Rav Berg passed away in 2013, leaving Karen and their son, Michael Berg, an established author himself, to run the Kabbalah Centre. They use all kinds of modern technology to pass wisdom through books, courses, and books in both online and physical Centres.

Making Connections With Others at the Kabbalah Centre

One of the most important things that all people strive to do in life is to make connections with others. Being connected with others allows people to realize they are not alone in life. It also helps combat feelings of loneliness and alienation that may result when people do not have others they can connect with their community. Community can be defined in many ways. One such way is via the community of those who share a similar sense of spirituality. This is a fact that those at the Kabbalah Centre know very well. They know that it is imperative for humans to be able to reach out to others who may share their interests and want to form a community that serves their needs for company and for exploration of the world of spirit.


Many Chances To Interact

With help from the Kabbalah Centre, there are many ways that people can arrange to meet and to expand their own personal community. Here, meetings are given that allow people to interact with others who also want to learn as much as possible about the world of Kabbalah. The focus hers is on spirituality where all people can come together in a loving communion of minds that allows them to feel as if they are part of something that is larger.


Meetings Of Many Kinds

Regular meetings mean that people can choose to interact with others who may also wish to consider various ways they can study this field of learning. Weekly events mean that people can take the time out of their lives to have some portion of the week that is devoted to making connections with others in a safe and pleasing setting. The place also offers monthly meetings as well for those who may not have as much time in their lives yet still wish to engage with others who share their delight in this field. They can escape into a world in which they know they are fully welcomed and appreciated for their ability to make important contributions to any ongoing discussions of this particular field.