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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Wants to Ease Venezuela’s Insecurity

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is frustrated. His countrymen are suffering due to bad governmental policies. There is currently a food shortage of nearly 800,000 tons of food. The people are hungry for rice and corn but there is not enough to go around. There is also a lack of medical supplies and even electricity in many situations. Jose Manuel Gonzalez may be the best man to put in charge in these difficult times because of his many years of experience. Jose is a man who comes from the agriculture industry. he was trusted by his fellow men to be the President of FEDECAMARAS which is one of the largest agriculture business associations in the country. He knows how Venezuela’s problems started and how to fix them, he says.

For many years now, the government has been run by politicians who are actually crooks. These men only cared about themselves and after years of plundering the state, things have finally collapsed. The exchange rate for Venezuelan goods is terrible and it is difficult to find international trade partners. The coalition government of Venezuela had corrupt men overbilling the state for services and putting money in their own pockets, they also directly stole valuable dollars. The government is now trying to import food to feeds its hungry citizens but there are still corrupt people involved in the government so this opens up the chance that more criminal smuggling will occur. People may also have to pay extortionate prices for goods that should be cheap. Jose Manuel Gonzalez knows how to identify smuggling of agricultural goods because of his experience. With him in charge, the crooks will not be able to take advantage.

Jose now works as a full-time deputy for the state of Guarico. He attends meetings and listens to people about their problems. He feels a sense of pride in being a Venezuelan man and people respect him for it. Jose keeps the national interest close to his heart and tries to tell the truth all the time. He does not consider himself to be a politician because he puts the wellbeing of other people first.