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How James Bopp Inspired End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is going to be getting more and more attention during the presidency of Donald Trump. End Citizens United was established by Tiffany Muller in response to the disastrous Supreme Court ruling in 2010 in relation to a conservative group named Citizens United.

Citizens United is a conservative group that lobbied extensively for the right to loosen the regulations surrounding campaign financing. If you’ve heard any politician speak lately you’ll likely hear them reference campaign finance reform. This, in essence, is what they are talking about. Let’s take a closer look at the man who created Citizens United as well as the group opposed to his work.

They ear was 2008 and James Bopp was standing in court. He was trying to argue against a Federal panel that he should be allowed to air his political hit piece, “Hillary: The Movie”, during the Democratic primary debates featuring Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. His goal was simple: to slander Clinton using loopholes in order to not have to label the film a piece of campaign work. The federal court literally laughed and ended up kicking him out of court. “Hillary: The Movie” was an unabashed hit piece that was trying to masquerade as authentic in order to circumvent the law.


The courts weren’t laughing in 2010. James Bopp returned to courtroom, as a lawyer himself, and argued up the chain of command until he reached the Supreme Court. His goal was simple: he wanted to subvert the rules surrounding campaigns and financing and he was willing to do anything in order to make it happen. Bopp somehow had his 2008 decision overruled by the Supreme Court, thus inscribing Citizens United vs FEC into the history books forever. It is not a coincidence that the level of political discourse over the past seven years has sharply tanked. This was Bopp’s goal all along.

Now, with the election of Donald Trump — a reality star — to the highest office on the planet there has been a renewed focus on undoing the damage done by the Citizens United ruling. This brings us to End Citizens United. End Citizens United was founded by Muller as a PAC in order to raise funds and awareness while propping up political candidates who are willing to fight against the 2010 Supreme Court decision. Muller knows how important her work is, especially in the wake of Trump’s election, and that has brought more people out than ever before.

Through just the first quarter of 2017 End Citizens United has seen an invigorated fundraising improvement. People are reportedly “furious” that Trump was elected and are willing to fight with their wallets in order to stop something like that from ever happening again.

End Citizens United And The James Bopp Problem

There is a quiet war being waged for the very rights of the American people and the impact that their votes have on the direction of the country. That war is primarily being waged by a conservative group named Citizens United. It has been their goal for the past ten years to systematically get rid of all the regulations that prevent corporate lobbyists and billionaires from taking over the political process.

The sad part is that they are winning. Still, that doesn’t mean that Citizens United is bereft of opposition. Tiffany Muller and the hard workers at End Citizens United are doing their best to make change in Washington DC to help every day Americans.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was started in direct response to the work that Citizens United has done to destabilize our government. With Tiffany Muller in charge the focus of the PAC has been to make their name a reality. Unfortunately, in order for End Citizens United to be successful this means that they will have to raise money and go toe to toe with some of the biggest names in the government — including current right winger President Trump.

Muller and co are focused on bringing about constitutional change at the highest levels of government in order to undo what James Bopp and the team at Citizens United managed to accomplish. This means that End Citizens United is going to need to endorse politicians who are vocal about getting rid of the Citizens United decision. This means that they are going to be fundraising hard throughout 2017 in order to prepare for the 2018 elections. So far this year End Citizens United has raised $4 million and their goal is to bring in nearly $35 million. If they are successful then some change might be coming sooner than you think.

For those that don’t know the story of Citizens United it all started with a lawyer named James Bopp. Bopp pleaded a case before the FEC in order to allow him to air a defamatory video in 2008 called “Hillary: The Movie”. The propaganda hit piece was rife with wild conspiracies about Hillary and how she tried to assassinate a political opponents cat. It was utter rubbish, up and down the definition. Bopp was roundly and resoundingly laughed out of court. But he didn’t give up.

In 2010 James Bopp would re-appear in court, this time before the Supreme Court. With the backing of the billionaire Koch Brothers and the conservative group Citizens United, Bopp successfully lobbied for the stripping of campaign financing regulations. For a wonder, he managed to succeed. Now, nearly a decade later, End Citizens United is fighting to undo that damage.

George Soros’ View on President Trump

George Soros is a noted businessman, investor, author, and philanthropist. George Soros is a Jewish man that was born in Hungary in 1930 and became a US citizen after the end of World War II. His youth was formed by his experiences under the totalitarian rule of Hitler’s Germany and then Hungary until his escape to England in 1947. While in England attending college he learned to distinguish between two forms of government; one where people elect leaders who then look after their interests, and another where those in charge manipulate the public to serve their own desires. He called these open and closed societies respectively.

George Soros has recently been giving his alarming views on Donald Trump being elected President of the United States. His first message is this era is not normal and we’re all going to need luck to get through it. Open societies are turning into closed societies with fascism on the rise. He believes this is due to elected leaders in open forms of government having spent years ignoring the legitimate needs of their citizens on NYTimes. All that elected leader seem to serve anymore are their elite ones, who have stolen away democracy. Globalization has directly led to the ever increasing financial gulf between the rich and connected and everyone else.

After the 2008 crash the EU and the United States have become increasingly dysfunctional where long overdue reforms have failed to materialize. George Soros says that democracy is now in a crisis, and one of the symptoms of this is the election of a con artist and a man who aspires to be a despot as president. While he thinks the United States is strong enough to continue standing, George Soros is worried about targeted minorities in the US and also the overall fate of the EU. The EU is increasingly under the influence of Russian President Putin who’s views are the polar opposite of an open government on Politico, as well as his concerns about Putin’s efforts to get Trump elected for his own benefit. Putin has achieved his success of manipulating the populations in Europe and the US through the use of fake news and misinformation that he has spread through social media.

As people are increasingly left economically behind the concern is that Putin’s control over Europe will continue to grow on Snopes. He thinks that that EU is on the verge of breaking up which will only be of benefit to Putin and not at all in the interest of the citizens of Europe. The only hope for the EU to be saved is to reinvent it into something that serves the interests of the average citizen and not just the elite at the top.