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Netflix Adds Debts to Create More New Content

The success of original series, such as House of Cards, seems to have prompted Netflix to look to original programming as its way of moving forward and adding new subscribers to the video streaming service, Variety reports. Viewers like Susan McGalla have heard that the company has decided to raise the debt it is looking to take on in 2015 from $1 billion to $1.5 billion. More on McGalla is available on This will largely be used to add more content to its service to attract new customers and maintain existing customers with the service.

Netflix had earlier this week sent letters to shareholders explaining the reasoning behind the move to add a large amount of debt to its existing debts, with CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells looking to calm investors with a letter detailing their plans for the future. The move to add the debt is designed to free up funds to continue the drive to create original content in a variety of forms, Netflix hopes to continue to create new original series for existing and new show. The company is also hoping to create a number of documentaries and comedy specials that will add even more original content to its streaming service for customers.