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Securus Technology provides new convenient ways to contact your loved one

Inmate video phone calls are now available as an android and an Apple-friendly application brought to you by a leader in correctional facility communications Securus Technologies. The app is called Securus Video Visit and provides the inmate’s friends and family with a much easy way to visit. Since the app is available on phones and tablets the users can visit the inmates from virtually anywhere and eradicates the need for web cameras, computers, and extra hardware.

Use of the app for Android phones has been available approximately for six months now and has been downloaded for use by over 60,000 people as reported by PR newswire. Apples’ app was released a week ago and has been applied by nearly 5,000 people. The app can be easily downloaded from Google Play and includes features that relate inmate visit details to a calendar, upcoming visit reminders, and offers testing of Wi-Fi and cellular networks so that the visitors may see their loved on with the best audiovisual quality.
Securus Technologies Company was formed during 1986 and is a for-profit correctional facility phone service provider. The company is based out of Dallas Texas.
In addition to video visitations, Securus America Technologies also offers other services such as Advance Connect prepaid calling accounts, Direct Bill calling accounts billed directly to the user, Inmate Debit calling accounts that allow for the inmate to pay for their own telephone calls, and Traditional Collect accounts in which calls from a correctional facility are added to your phone providers bill. New services that are offered include Jail Voicemail in which you can leave a voicemail for an inmate who will be notified and able to hear your message. This is useful when you are unable to take a call from an inmate or need to get information to an inmate sooner than they would be able to contact you.

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