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Michael Zomber Outlines His Passion For Weapons And History On iUniverse Podcast


Michael Zomber was featured on the 12th edition of the iUniverse podcast. He was interviewed about his passion for writing, knowledge of the Japanese culture and history in general. For the past forty years, the famous author has been collecting antique arm and armor. Michael shares his knowledge and experience about antique arms on the History Channel through his documentary called “Series on Guns.” Being a gifted storyteller, he expresses his love for samurai swords through screenplays and books. His books give a clear understanding on why the antique weapons that he collects are special and their influence on future readers. Zomber’s passion for history and his documentary on Bushido has earned him respect in the international scene.

Because of his deep passion for weapons, Michael Zomber deemed it prudent to advocate and support peace organizations. Zomber and Andrea are active philanthropists who support different organizations both locally and abroad. Most of these organizations promote peace. They also advocate for access to resources that result in better education and health. Michael said that their philanthropic activities are based on their values of love and need for peaceful settlement. Together with his wife, Andrea, they own Renascent Films LLC, a film company.

On a normal day, Michael Zomber works as a producer at Renascent Films LLC. He also loves writing books or telling stories on the History Channel where he serves as a history expert for shows like “Tales of Guns.” Working with the History Channel is a perfect match for his passion of collecting weapons and preserving history. Michael Zomber’s appreciation and extensive understanding of the craftsmanship and culture of weapons is shared on the show. As an author, Mr. Zomber has written books such as That’s Me, Jesus and the Samurai, Shogun Lemitsu, Park Avenue and A Son of Lemitsu.

Michael Zomber’s gift of storytelling started while he was still in school. He is a graduate of UCLA. Here, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Psychology. Michael holds a postgraduate degree in English Literature. He has two kids, Gabriella and Christopher. Michael and Andrea have passed on the beliefs and values of compassion, love and peaceful settlement to their children.