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John Goullet – Leadership Personified

John Goullet graduated from Philadelphia’s Ursinus College in 1983 with a Master’s degree in Computer Science. After working as a computer consultant and an IT staffing account executive, Mr. Goullet formed his own IT staffing company called Info Technologies. Info Technologies was centered on understanding the unique current and future needs of individual companies and on how best to meet those needs.

One process he credits for his success is to exhaustively study the most successful companies in the IT field and then replicate their best practices. He also credits what he calls “Productive Paranoia,” a feeling that no matter how fast he moves, the competition is always gaining. He declares that it is this innate paranoia is what keeps him racing ahead.

In 2010, John Goullet merged his Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. to become DIVERSANT LLC. DIVERSANT LLC is an IT staffing company that matches the individual personality, working style, and skill set of IT professionals to the needs of individual employers. This process has enabled Goullet to build DIVERSANT LLC to the powerhouse it is today.

DIVERSANT LLC is ranked as one of the largest minority-owned private corporation in the USA. Goullet encourages his staff to be creative and credits the company’s remarkable success to the dedication of his employees. Goullet is steadfast in his belief that high-tech is an ever growing industry and that demand for IT professionals will continue to expand.

Goullet and his staff work out which knowledge will be most in demand in the technology industry of the future, then build a database of professionals who specialize in the skills future employers will require.

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