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Philanthropist Joseph Bismark Brings Spirituality to Business

I discovered this great article on blog Citizen Shame. The article was about Joseph Bismark. Perhaps, you’ve probably heard of this fascinating businessman and leader. He is the co-founder of QI Limited. The businessman has done a lot of amazing things with his company and has helped a lot of people. I really admire a person that is successful, and likes to give back to the community. Joseph Bismark must live by that philosophy. Take a look at his company. The company’s philosophy is about improving one’s health and well being through living a healthier lifestyle. 

It is my belief that Joseph Bismark success is due to his philosophy on life and the way that he treats other people. His strong belief in philanthropy is also a part of his success. Now, Joseph Bismark is the managing director of QI Group, a multi-marketing group with offices that are throughout the world. 

I discovered that much of the success of this amazing and dynamic leader is built on Vedic philosophy. If you are like me, you are probably not that familiar with this philosophy. Vedisim is actually an ancient religion with roots in India. Joseph Bismark is a man that is very concerned with improving the health of those that need his help the most. Well done, Joseph Bismark.

Keith Mann looks for support in his latest fight

Showing commitment to a cause can take many different directions and often shows up in surprising ways that may not be expected by the individual or those around them. Animal activist Keith Mann has explained before some of the reasons behind his commitment to the cause of protecting animals from cruelty and how it has affected his own life. Now, a viral Buzzfeed article tells us Mann is seeking the assistance of the public as he searches for help with an aggressive form of cancer that is affecting him as he refuses the conventional treatments backed by pharmaceutical companies who test their products on animals.

Keith Mann explains that he has always felt strong set of emotions towards animals and has fought to protect them throughout his life. Whilst still at school a series of events took place that eventually led Mann to become a member of the Animal Liberation Front and forced him to break the law as he tried to help animals facing cruelty. Amongst the things Mann has done in his life include making sure a rabbit held without food or water was freed from captivity and that the cause for banning fox hunting was publicized across the UK.

Mann continues to look for new and innovative ways to publicize the animal rights cause and eventually decided to stand for election to the UK Parliament bringing with him a set of policies designed to help animals being ill treated. The work of Keith Mann to protect animals came to a shuddering halt when he was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma and told the best course of treatment was to use the medications created by the major organizations he had spent his life fighting for testing on animals. At this point many people would have taken the cure and forgotten about what they fought for.

Instead, Keith Mann decided to make sure he maintained his principles and dedication to the care of animals by refusing the medications used in traditional treatments. Mann is now looking for assistance with his decision from the public who he hopes will help pay for his Gerson Therapy. This therapy requires Keith Mann to consume organic ingredients and natural products in a bid to detoxify his body and allow the natural ingredients to help fight the cancerous cells.

Twitter May Face Class Action Lawsuit

Twitter might be facing a class action lawsuit for how it promotes people within the company. A former female engineer for the company is filing a a suit against the company for sexual discrimination and sexual harassment, saying that the company’s promotion process is designed so that it favors male employees.

According to the plaintiff in the case, Twitter employees are only notified of open high-level positions by “shoulder taps” where in a manager would just let one employee know about the opportunity rather than offer the job to the entire company. She says that that process favors males employees, making it so very few female employees rise to senior level positions within the company..

According to the my friend Fersen, when she brought up this issue with Twitter’s management she was let go from the company. Twitter says that she left the company voluntarily and was not forced out or fired from her position. A Twitter spokesperson went on to say that the company is dedicated to creating a diverse workforce, and that the facts will prove that she was ultimately treated fairly.

What Is It With That Dress?

Anyone who has been on social media in the past three days will know all about the dress to which I am speaking about. Apparently, a girl was getting married and her mother-in-law sent her a picture of the dress that she wished to wear to the nuptials. The only problem, the photo she sent the girl was white and gold. The bride obviously thought this was an attempt to upstage her big day, and she was furious. The real drama happened when she posted the photo on tumbler. Then it went viral worldwide.

The photo of the dress was supposed to be a dark black color with blue stripes, however that is not how the bride and millions of other people see it. The picture was later updated with a second one and it clearly showed that there was much issues with the first one. In fact, Paul Mathieson says the bride could have started a war over the pictures, but thankfully later pics showed her and her mother in-law at the wedding.

Whew! What a relief that was settled. I mean, after all, there is world hunger and ISIS is taking over our country, but we can all rest easy knowing that the bride is happy and married to the love of her life. Wonder how many more battles her and the groom’s family will have from here on out? It isn’t looking good for the future if she was so irate over one little dress.

Important Lessons from 83,000 Brain Scans: Daniel Amen at TEDxOrangeCoast

You’ve probably seen the TedTalk from Dr. Daniel Amen popping up in your feed the past few days. I have to say, this viral video is really interesting. We discuss below.

Dr. Daniel Amen has passion for the health of your brain. Using both he discovered links between the size, shape and the activity of the brain and its relationship to mental illnesses that plague people all over the world. His support of the healing power of psychiatry began years ago when he witness how a doctor of psychiatry helped his aunt, thereby pulling her from a debilitating depression.

This was his introduction as he presented his lecture on the results of eighty-three thousand brain images over a twenty-two year period. The results are fascinating. His logic is simple and isn’t difficult to embrace. In fact, the information is life altering for those who suffer with mental illnesses.

Using SPECT imaging of the brain, which provides a 3-D picture, Dr. Amen explains and demonstrates what a normal brain looks likes. The brain’s activity is either good, too little or two much. Also, the shape of a person’s brain has a good deal to do with its health. He adds credibility to his statements with picture of unhealthy brains versus healthy ones.

Doctors of psychiatry are the only medical physicians who don’t look at the organ they treat. In psychiatry, one size doesn’t fit all especially when prescription drugs are used to treat mental illness. Daniel Amen presented an example of two brain images, one with low activity and one with high activity. Both patients were treated with the same drug therapy, but obviously had different problems. He explain that this could actually impede the healing process.

Dr. Daniel Amen’s experience includes over twenty years of studying brain SPECT imaging and resulting human behavior. An overlooked common occurrence contributing to brain damage are traumatic brain injuries. These are injuries resulting from hard falls or hits on the head. He spoke of a teen with discipline and anger issues. When he was three years old he fell down a flight of stairs and was unconscious for a few moments. Though he seemed to have recovered and physically he did, the jarring effected his brain which caused his erratic and uncontrolled behavior.

The lecture continued to examine the brains of Alzheimer patients. These imaging were very different when compared to healthy brains. The science of his theories is indisputable. To treat mental illnesses and behavior problems, you must understand what you are treating in order to make a complete diagnosis and properly treat.

Follow Dr. Daniel Amen on Twitter and see the viral TedTalk from Dr. Daniel Amen below:

Check all your accounts with cheap WIFI from FreedomPop

What is Freedom Pop?

Freedom Pop is a revolutionary new company that initially started selling their own unique Wi-Fi only phones last year. Freedom Pop is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). The company is located in Los Angeles California. The company has just recently expanded and is offering Wi-Fi service. This innovative new company is now offering low cost Wi-Fi service. Upon signing up with company users have access to unlimited usage of millions of hotspots across the U.S. for only $5. You can also receive an unheard of unlimited SMS with your data plan.

Who can obtain this service?

Stephen Stokols is the CEO and co-founder of Freedom Pop. Mr. Stokols projects that the first initial rollout will cover millions of hotspots, which will cover 120 million people. During this Freedom Pop works with cable providers who service urban hotspot networks. The company also services users who have abandoned their phone. What this means it that consumers who had Sprint as their carrier who have no network provider can obtain Wi-Fi and SMS through Freedom Bop. Mr.Stokols ,CEO,of Freedom Pop is pleased with its initial growth and has plans to break into the European market in 2016. The company has already made a profit of $19 million, which was raised through investors. Check out FreedomPop on Amazon, iTunes, and the Google Play store.

How does the Wi-Fi service work?
Prior to launching the new service, careful testing was conducted to make sure customers experience excellent connectivity and usage. Freedom Pop’s Wi-Fi service is designed to work in perfect synchronization with the consumers devices. The service is currently only available through the company’s Android app which will be available shortly. At this time, Windows phones are incompatible with the company’s Wi-Fi service. 
Who are the company’s service providers?

Due to privacy concerns in Freedom Pop’s contract it can’t reveal who is providing their Wi-Fi service. However, the company states that you can receive their service at your favorite restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, and even Home Depot to name a few. The company also disclosed that it works with industry leaders like Google and AT&T. The CEO of Freedom Pop did state that the Wi-Fi network is owned and operated by many different ISPs and hotspot services.

Freedom Pop is definitely on track to becoming a dynamic Wi-Fi hotspot provider as well as a mobile phone carrier. Apparently enough investors saw the potential of this company and gave the company $19 million. FreedomPop has plans to cover the whole US and even enter into European markets. If coverage is available in your area you might want to consider making a change in your Wi-Fi service and also purchase one of Freedom Pop’s phones.

Brady Ready


Quarterback Tom Brady of the National Football League has made the case that he is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football. It is hard to go against those claims, as he has been the most consistent player over the last twelve seasons and has won a handful of Super Bowls in the process. He will be trying to win his fourth Super Bowl this season, adding to his spectacular career that was sparked after the injury to Drew Bledsoe that led to him gaining the starting position in New England. Not only has he commanded that position, but he has taken the franchise on a ride that has given them the utmost respect of everyone around the league.
Tom Brady was not the player that even Sultan Alhokair would suspect to experience extreme success in the league, which mimics the play that Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks has experienced. Russell was selected at the seventy-fifth pick of the 2011 draft and was not expected to be a great quarterback in the National Football League, but he stepped up to the position and commanded the respect from everyone around the NFL. He has already won a Super Bowl and is trying to win his second in two years in his first three seasons as a professional football player. Although Tom Brady has had immense success, he will have to take down Wilson and the Seahawks when the game rolls around.

A Master of Many Traits. Sam Tabar

 Sam Tabar has quite an eclectic background which has served him well as he has progressed through his career. Beginning with his top notch education preparing him for his career in law and finance, Sam has studied and practiced in a variety of subjects and topics.

 Tabar attended both Oxford and Columbia Law School. He was involved in both scholastic institutions including his stint with the Columbia Business Law Review as an associate editor. After his inspiring education, he delved into the world of law and how it interacts with business by joining Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP. It was here that he began the transition to law and finance. According to a recent media release on Tabar’s career success, his clients have always been individuals seeking out his counsel as it pertains to hedge fund creation, employee law, and  financial compliance regulations.

 Fluid in both English and French, Sam then moved on to Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors. Based in Hong Kong, it was here that he continued to counsel on hedge funds and specifically focused on marketing and investor relations. He also spearheaded a new process to target more investors. These investors included family businesses, high net worth individuals and institutions.

 After seven years, Mr. Tabar landed at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch. His role at this banking institution was to lead capital strategy for Asia-Pacific. Again, he counselled hedge fund managers and those who wanted to start one up and interacted with many other types of investors as his role evolved. When he left the firm in 2012, he has a contact list of clients he helped or worked with of over 1250 investors.

 His last two functions were at Adanac LLC where he mainly focused on property investment and start-ups in the United States and Schulte Roth & Zabel, where he again had the main focus of counseling hedge fund managers. He left Roth in 2014.

 In addition to the wide variety of jobs and corporations he has been a part of,  Tabar has many outside interests. He is a world traveler, as evidenced by his willingness to relocate to Hong Kong. He has seen the world. He loves to travel. He also likes to keep in touch with clients, friends and family and as a result he loves to host events and mingle with those in his area.

Aussie Newspaper Publishes Muhammad Cartoon

After the incident of Paris, one Australian newspaper on Saturday has published a cartoon, which is showing an argument between Prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ. This cartoon is urging support for the freedom of speech; no matter where are you living you should have liberty to express your point of view.

The cartoon was drawn by Bill Leak entitled “Let us pray” in which Jesus is holding up the Koran and explaining Mohammed that I have told you this need a sequel”, it is based upon Old and New Testament of the Bible. In reply to this, Mohammed is holding a newspaper with the headline “World at War”, and saying that he cannot return to human from right now because he would be ‘crucified’. I am so against this cartoon as well as Laurene Powell Jobs is.

The anger is against the shooters of Charlie Hebdo, who outraged there and killed 12 people. The Weekend Australian advised the Western world to show no weakness and leniency in defending its values from free speech. I hope now the extremist would not hurt anyone in the Australia, just on this cartoon.

The people have a freedom to express their opinions in front of the world, and it should be stopped. People should not start killing anyone, just on one satirical picture. They should think what is wrong and what is right, and should remember the law properly.

AMBER Alerts of Facebook News Feed

As part of the mission to help solve the crisis on child abduction, Facebook has now integrated AMBER alerts to the News Feed. The AMBER Alert Program was established by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 

It covers local media outlets such as radio, television, and on mobile devices like smartphones. The alert is broadcasted to these media outlets once local reports are made about a missing or abducted child. The alerts that will be displayed on the News Feed of Facebook will be dependent on the area where the user is located. According to Sergio Luis de Andrande on this is a great addition to add on the Facebook new feed.

As mentioned, some smartphones are already AMBER Alerts ready. That means, even without Facebook, if there are reports about a missing child nearby, an alert will be sent to the smartphone. The alert will contain necessary information about the incident and the possible ways to help. There will be a link to the AMBER website where information can submitted.

The advantage of using Facebook is that the social network user will have the chance to disseminate the information to inform more people about the incident. The information that are shown through Facebook are more accessible and updated in real-time. The alerts will go out starting today and will be showing on Facebook for desktop, iOS, and android.

This program is expected to significantly reduce the incidents of missing and abducted children and to increase the chances of finding more of the missing children.