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Goettl Maximizes Its Social Media Presence

In 1939, a company was launched with the intention of greatly helping people suffering from air conditioning woes. The Arizona-based company Goettl Air Conditioning launched as a family owned business. Today, Goettl is under new ownership and does a lot more than handle air conditioning requests. The company is heavily involved with energy efficiency, air quality, heating, and more. Goettl not only serves Arizona, the company has offices in Nevada and California. Yes, Goettl positively is a company with a great name and delivers equally great service.

All may sound intriguing to someone in need of heating or cooling assistance. Anyone hoping to learn more about this unique company should check out its Facebook page.

The Goettl Facebook page absolutely drives home the notion this company has been in the air conditioning business for many years. A profile picture revealing an old “repair team fleet” in a decades-old black and white photo has more than a nostalgic feel to it. The old photo gives the impression the company has been in business for a long time and, likely, is constantly delivering on all the expectations of demanding customers.

The Facebook page is also home to some nice posts that show the company cares about its customers. One post points out that keeping a furnace clean is a must for those hoping to maintain air quality and safety. A few tips are presented about what to do when turning on a furnace to keep home dwellers from suffering a reaction. The Facebook page is one known for its unexpected posts, which is a good thing. Each visit to the page could reveal something new.

For those looking for a more professional social media page, the LinkedIn site for Goettl Air Conditioning is absolutely worth a visit. The LinkedIn page features a full-color photo with the same retro style. Constantly stressing how long the company has been in business is definitely not a bad idea. Going down the list of items on the LinkedIn page reveals a bit more clear biographical information about the company.

Basic information about the company’s history is presented. The info should be helpful to those who want to learn something a bit more concrete when wondering about what company to call when a problem arises. And speaking of calls, Goettl lists all four phone numbers to its four major offices.

Goettl Air Conditioning has a nice social media presence. Why not check the various pages out?