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Brad Reifler Funds A New Program to Make Military and Veteran Lives Better

Forefront Capital Advisors and their CEO, Brad Reifler, declared a brand new partnership with Easter Seals Center on 29th, February 2016. This new partnership includes a donation of funds amounting to $3 million. According to Brad, Forefront Capital chose this partnership because they felt that Easter Seals had made a remarkable impact in the lives of military families and veterans by changing conversations about the people who have served the US selflessly and show their potential and build life-changing opportunities for them.

Easter Seals works both locally and nationally to break barriers and connect people and companies to easily accessible solutions that military families and veterans need to get access to meaningful education, healthcare and employment. Forefront Capital’s $3 million donation will fund Easter Seal’s programs for veterans. The programs include caregiver training services, education & advocacy, health & wellness and job training. Brad Reifler, with the help of his team, look forward to helping the firm continue their work to help people.

Forefront’s foundation lies in its ability to attract influential and highly respected business leaders. The firm has a unique community and relationships that provide opportunities that are not typically available to other boutique firms. The firm views its clients as long term partners and aims to add value beyond advisory and investment capital services.

Reifler is a serial entrepreneur best known as the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital from May 2009. He is also the former founding chairman, partner and CEO of Pali Capital, which is a global financial services company. Before founding Pali, Reifler was a trader at Refco. He is a director at Sino Mercury Company.

Reifler speaks extensively about how everyone should get involved in investing. He has had several public appearances talking about the opportunities that the middle and lower class individuals can do to save some money for their future. These talks have been picked up by Yahoo Finance, Reuters News and Market Watch. Reifler has been an outspoken member of the Twitter community on matters that help people find unique and new ways they can use to plan their future and discover their true financial freedom.