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Philanthropist Joseph Bismark Brings Spirituality to Business

I discovered this great article on blog Citizen Shame. The article was about Joseph Bismark. Perhaps, you’ve probably heard of this fascinating businessman and leader. He is the co-founder of QI Limited. The businessman has done a lot of amazing things with his company and has helped a lot of people. I really admire a person that is successful, and likes to give back to the community. Joseph Bismark must live by that philosophy. Take a look at his company. The company’s philosophy is about improving one’s health and well being through living a healthier lifestyle. 

It is my belief that Joseph Bismark success is due to his philosophy on life and the way that he treats other people. His strong belief in philanthropy is also a part of his success. Now, Joseph Bismark is the managing director of QI Group, a multi-marketing group with offices that are throughout the world. 

I discovered that much of the success of this amazing and dynamic leader is built on Vedic philosophy. If you are like me, you are probably not that familiar with this philosophy. Vedisim is actually an ancient religion with roots in India. Joseph Bismark is a man that is very concerned with improving the health of those that need his help the most. Well done, Joseph Bismark.

How To Begin Writing An Article For Wikipedia

When you are ready to write an article for Wikipedia you will need to create an account with them. Choose a username and password to create an account and you can submit your piece directly. If you do not want an account your piece will need to go through Articles for Creation for review and publishing.

There are only certain topics Wikipedia will publish. Subjects must be “worthy of notice”. If a topic is worthy of an encyclopedia, then it is suitable for Wikipedia. If you are unsure about the topic you’ve chosen, you can check with the Wikipedia Teahouse to check whether or not your topic is acceptable.

Once you have selected a topic, check Wikipedia to make sure it has not already been covered. Do a search on Wikipedia to see if your topic exists, if it does you are welcome to practice your writing by making constructive edits to improve it. This is also good way to practice your skills before attempting an article on your own.

Before you start to write gather information on your topic from reliable published sources. You will need to make sure the source is stable and can be referred to for years. Do not use sources if you think they will not stay available for reference for generations to come. Good places to find reliable sources are; the library, internet, books and news archives.

Begin creating your article in your user space, organize your thoughts, ask for advice from others on how it looks and sounds and do some initial editing. Many times once your words are in type you will want to rearrange them or add to them and the user space is the perfect place to get your words set up correctly.

Choose a title for your article that will explain in few words what is contained in it. The title should contain words people will use when searching on your topic and will link them to yours. The title should be precise and contain only the words needed that define your article. When your article is ready you will move it to the “live” portion of Wikipedia.

Unacceptable topics:
* Wikipedia will delete any topics that do meet the guidelines.
*Do not advertise; create personal essays or pages about yourself, your friends or your business.
* Do not copy any articles, use controversial articles or topics that concern only a small local audience.