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Businessman Keith Mann Show Appreciation To New York City Cops

New York City businessman and philanthropist Keith Mann say he supports the NYPD and wants to show his appreciation for the job they are doing.

The embattled NYPD has come under fire the over the last few years for a number of highly-publicized shootings of unarmed African American men. Mann explained that although he respects the protesters’ 4th Amendment rights, policing is something that he says is very close to home for him.

Keith Mann has family members who are police officers. “The vast majority of police officers are good. And those who do a good job everyday should be commended,” said Mann. To show his appreciation, Mann sent the entire 54th Precinct lunch. Although he looked at it as a small gesture, the officers were very appreciative of the act of kindness.

During protests, there were reports of cops being pelted with rocks and spat on. Something Mann says is unfortunate. “Those cops are the first line of protection for citizens. They should be respected instead of scorned.” Mann says he also doesn’t want to see innocent civilians getting hurt or killed based on overzealous police practices.

Mann says despite recent events, he still supports the NYPD. Mann says people should be able to find common ground and use that as a jumping off point. “We have to be able to talk to each other and hash out our problems.”

Mann is a businessman and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. His company was established to supply support for hedge fund companies. He works with hundreds of companies both domestic and abroad. Mann is also a philanthropist that supports the inner city Uncommon Schools. The Bronx charter school offers programs to help underprivileged children go to college if they so desire. Mann has also just introduced a $5000 scholarship in his name.