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Fabletics Continues To Dominate The Activewear Market

Finding women’s athletic wear that is fashionable, functional, and affordable can be a hard task. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg quickly identified the gap that existed between fashion and functionality in the women activewear industry. They also noticed that the demand for women’s athletic wear kept on rising. The duo then founded Fabletics with the primary objective of creating nice looking activewear that was comfortable for women, and cost-friendly.

Ressler and Goldenberg brought revolutionary to the women’s athletic wear. Their focus was giving women the athletic wear of their choice. Having used consumer tests and focus groups to conduct research, Fabletics was able to identify problems that women faced in the sports industry. Their research results revealed that women activewear available in the market were of poor quality, non-fitting, costly, and uncomfortable. What this meant is that women who wanted good-looking and fitting outputs had to incur extra costs.

Ressler brought Kate Hudson on board as Fabletics’ cofound, and brand ambassador. She became the face of the organization. The sports fashion industry had a major challenge branding their items that exclusively focused on women. By bringing Kate on board, the company was able to create more brand awareness, build strong client relationships, and link Fabletics to the majority. Kate is confident, friendly, and she has a welcoming face. Her passion for the media coupled with her excellent communication skills is a great investment to the company. She focuses on improving Fabletics’ brand both in the online market and at the grassroots level.

Despite having financial challenges when starting Fabletics,Don Ressler worked hard and remained focused on providing comfortable activewear. Manufacturing activewear that was comfortable, fashionable, and functional to women required absolute commitment. Manufacturers had to go through a series of processes to achieve the quality standards. Ressler remained focused and determined to accomplish his mission. Through his experience in the fashion industry, he worked with his team to produce comfortable, and high-quality activewear.

Fabletics stood out from its competitors because it had a firm brand online, and at the individual levels. Kate helped market the brand online through her charismatic figure and excellent communication skills. The online strategy outsmarted the traditional retail selling system.

Another strategy that Fabletics used to drive more sales was the Fabletics VIP discount pricing mechanism. Clients needed to register online and pay a standard monthly fee of $50. They would then enjoy discounted shopping, free delivery, and earn points for the items purchased. Fabletics’ VIP model proved to be a grand strategy to earn income. The company combined the discount pricing system with an active website that has a quiz to help clients with their shopping. Fabletics set the bar higher than its competitors by providing exciting customer experience.

Ressler was happier with what the company had become. His hard work was bearing fruits as the company was able to provide women with affordable, functional, and good fashion choices. Fabletics also made the online shopping tool more efficient to fasten the shopping process. The company supports engaged women across the globe who want to look after their health and the way they look. In 2017, Fabletics is looking forward to expanding their brand in the market by focusing on plus-sized women activewear. That is an exciting move since larger women also need comfortable and functional activewear to work out, lose weight, get in good shape, and stay healthy.