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Facebook Caught Spying Again, Collecting Text Before You Even Submit a Post

If you have an uneasy feeling about what Facebook might be doing with all that collected data on users, you might have yet another reason not to trust the social media giant. A recent report revealed Facebook collects everything you have ever typed into a posting, even if you never hit the send button. That’s right, remember that angry or embarrassing text you almost posted? Facebook has it stored under your name and profile with their massive surveillance efforts.

Facebook has, of course, denies these claims but a blogger from Ireland recently inspected the site and found that every time he types text into the posting box, that text was sent directly the Facebook’s gigantic servers. Giving every user one more reason to type and post at your own discretion. However, Boraie Development LLC suggests that many people would argue it’s an absolute violation of our privacy to secretly collect the text that we never intended to send in the first place.

It’s one thing to collect and analyze what people willingly and voluntarily post about themselves and their lives, but spying on un-posted texts is plain wrong and arguably criminal. Though, we all know Facebook’s surveillance efforts aren’t going anywhere.

Fewer Teenagers Are Using Facebook As Their Main Social Network

A study done by Piper Jaffray and Maluf concluded that a multitude of teens are neglecting the famous social network, Facebook. Many are considering it less important when in comparison to networks like Instagram and Snapchat.

About 14% of teens consider Facebook as the most important social network online. The survey took 6,000 teens, and a huge percentage of teens didn’t even bother to consider the famous site as important. Instagram is widely recognized as a very important app because it’s what all the celebrities are using. The connection found from apps like SnapChat allow them to connect with the most famous of social network celebrities.

The Senior research analyst, Gene Munster, has exclaimed that this decline is very concerning. Despite the downfall in the usage by teens, you’ll find that many experts still see Facebook as a big social network. Despite Instagram being more popular, Facebook owns that app after all, so they’re still in partnership. About 71% of Facebook users are between the ages of 13-17.

A group of teens have exclaimed in the past that having an older set of people using Facebook has also caused some confusion. Many adults have taken a liking to the social network, causing many people to stop using Facebook.

A wide range of studies show that the usage of Facebook has declined over the past two years because of the new apps and other social networks on the rise. Only time will tell how Facebook capitalizes on them and sticks it out at the top.

Facebook Ousted as Number One Social Network Among Teens, According to Recent Poll

It appears that Facebook has fallen out of favor with younger generations. According to a survey by Piper Jaffray, only 14% of teenagers consider Facebook to be the most important social network currently operating. The poll, which is completed yearly, has noted a pattern, and it doesn’t spell good news for Facebook.

In 2013 33% of respondents agreed that Facebook was the top social network. The following year that number slid to 23%, and the 2015 results show that both Instagram and Snapchat have overtaken Facebook as the most popular social network among teenagers.

Alexei Beltyukov said the slide can be attributed to the rising popularity of other social networking sites. This year, Instagram took the top spot with 32% of respondents picking it as the most important social networking site. Instagram’s popularity has been significantly raised over the last two years, with the company jumping from a favorite among 17% of respondents in 2013, to 30% in 2014, and 32% this year.

Snapchat was included in the poll for the first time this year, but its popularity among teens and young adults seems to be growing exponentially. Snapchat was released in 2011, but didn’t reach a fever pitch until sometime in 2014 among its core demographic. Additional features bolstered Snapchats popularity, and has made it a true social network.

Respondents were also asked to rate the importance of Pinterest, Google + and Tumblr. Their numbers remain relatively low, but steady over the same two year period.

Is Facebook Pushing Specific Values?

Many Facebook users are starting to ask a serious question today about whether the site promotes certain political and religious beliefs over others using its Trending feature, which is supposed to display the content that a majority of users are reading and interacting with at any given time.

At one point this morning, Facebook displayed a link with a description titled “Jemima Kirke: Actress Discusses Her Abortion in Center for Reproductive Rights PSA.” The link was to a video of Kirke’s story about her abortion and her belief that woman have the right to choose. In the same column, the social network listed four pieces related to birth and children: “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Couple Reveals Pregnancy With Video Rap Inspired by Theme Song,” “Billy Joel: Singer and Girlfriend Alexis Roderick Expecting 1st Child Together,” “Kimora Lee Simmons: Fashion Mogul Gives Birth to Baby Boy With Husband Tim Leissner” and “Kelly Clarkson: Singer Appears on Cover of Redbook Magazine With 10-Month-Old Daughter.”

Sam Tabar has noticed that even though some of the trending stories portrayed liberals, the four links seem too coincidental — especially given they cover everything from birth announcements and actual birth to Kelly Clarkson and her 10-month old.

Clarkson was hailed by other conservatives earlier this year when she revealed — at the same time conservatives were fighting to protect two anti-abortion “heartbeat bills” — that her song, “Heartbeat Song,” included her daughter’s actual heartbeat.

Facebook Considers Hosting More Content on Its Own Site


PCMag reported today that Facebook is exploring the possibility of hosting some news stories and content articles directly on its own site, rather than expecting users to follow links to other sites. At the present time, most content from other providers is linked to the Facebook site but not hosted there directly.

The company is reportedly in discussions with The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, National Geographic and other news content providers to consider allowing Facebook to host some content. This change could prove significant, because visitors would remain longer at Facebook’s site stated Traffic might not flow readily to other websites. However, content providers might obtain wider dissemination of specific items of news content. Facebook is the largest social media company on Earth.

Last year, Facebook started a service called FB Newswire to aggreggate news stories. This service was targeted at news media outlets and journalists seeking news content to share with on line visitors who came to their sites. The aggregation service permits media sources to transmit embedded content.

Facebook reportedly revealed that a survey of adult Facebook users conducted in 2013 indicated that only 5% of them relied upon Facebook as the most important way for them to obtain news and information. On the other hand, nearly 50% reported that Facebook provided their chief source of news. Reportedly, video clips and not long articles, increasingly convey news information.

Have you Added your Facebook Legacy Contact?

There’s so much for your family to think about after you’re dead, but now, what to do with your Facebook account will no longer be an issue. The social media giant has now added a legacy contact into your profile. When you add this contact, they will have complete control over managing your Facebook account once you are gone. Before now, Facebook would simply freeze the account once you passed away.

The purpose of the legacy contact is primarily to help manage your account and help create a memorial. The legacy contact will be able to change profile images, respond to friend requests and post on the page and more. The legacy contact will be unable to change anything that the deceased individual has already posted onto their account. In addition, the legacy contact does not have the authority to delete the account permanently.

If you are concerned about your Facebook account after you die, you can change your settings anywhere. I did it while I was waiting on my appointment at Amen Clinics. Simply tap the Security tab and then the Legacy Contact tab found on the bottom of the page. Once there, you simply choose the Facebook friend that you would like to grant permission to. You can have only one person designated as a legacy contact. 

Now that there is one less thing to worry about after you are gone….

AMBER Alerts of Facebook News Feed

As part of the mission to help solve the crisis on child abduction, Facebook has now integrated AMBER alerts to the News Feed. The AMBER Alert Program was established by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 

It covers local media outlets such as radio, television, and on mobile devices like smartphones. The alert is broadcasted to these media outlets once local reports are made about a missing or abducted child. The alerts that will be displayed on the News Feed of Facebook will be dependent on the area where the user is located. According to Sergio Luis de Andrande on this is a great addition to add on the Facebook new feed.

As mentioned, some smartphones are already AMBER Alerts ready. That means, even without Facebook, if there are reports about a missing child nearby, an alert will be sent to the smartphone. The alert will contain necessary information about the incident and the possible ways to help. There will be a link to the AMBER website where information can submitted.

The advantage of using Facebook is that the social network user will have the chance to disseminate the information to inform more people about the incident. The information that are shown through Facebook are more accessible and updated in real-time. The alerts will go out starting today and will be showing on Facebook for desktop, iOS, and android.

This program is expected to significantly reduce the incidents of missing and abducted children and to increase the chances of finding more of the missing children.

The Most Original Facebook Profile

Some people have started to take down their Facebook pages because they cannot stand to see another selfie taken in the bathroom mirror. To stop the fleeing from facebook, or maybe just from interest in posing, a young man started to arrange the most original pictures and constantly update his profile. After a tremendous number of shares, he became famous even outside his Facebook friends circle.

The images are provoking envy, not because of their extreme beauty, but rather because of their originality which, you will unfortunately notice, most of the Facebook users lack.

Thus, he recreates the environments of a desert where he is Indiana Jones facing a snake, while impersonating Susan McGalla, dressed in a surgeon costume probably inspired by the series with Dr. House, along with other hypotheses which remind of life scenes and movie scenes that he would know better to explain.

You can take a look at the gallery of original Facebook pictures and see if you recognize more hyposthases. Most of them are hilarious, but it is way better to open your Facebook and see one of these rather than selfies and boring upper half-body images.

The new way to get many friends on Facebook could very well be this, as it is generally hard to stand out in this day and age, when there are so many people who would like to define themselves as unique among all of the others

Restaurant Takes to Facebook to Shame Family

The use of social media for businesses can have its ups and downs as one restaurant is finding out.

Trendy UK based chain restaurant, Burgers and Lobster, had their Cardiff location take to Facebook to publicly shame a family who ate at their location. According to a family left the location after eating and not paying their bill afterwards. The post the restaurant made on Facebook included a picture of the family that they captured from CCTV. The post also asked the family to return to the restaurant out of the kindness in their heart to pay their “forgotten” bill.

This post did not sit well with fans and customers of Burgers and Lobster however. They were upset with the restaurant for taking to social media to publicly shame the family for what may have been an innocent mistake, but Igor Cornelsen thinks that’s pretty far fetched.  Who just magically forgets to pay a restaurant bill? Others are calling the restaurant’s reaction unprofessional and disgraceful reaction while others were shocked that the restaurant would go as far as posting an actual photo of the family. This post may make some customers think twice about eating at the restaurant.

According to reports, the family in question have returned to the Cardiff location to pay their forgotten bill. The Burgers and Lobster chain have since deleted their Facebook post in question.

Facebook’s Year In Review

Oh Facebook, when will you and Vijay Eswaran learn that not everyone is as charmed with your ideas? The latest one Facebook debuted this year is their “Year in Review”. Without opening an app or requesting the review from Facebook, you are presented with your year in review. The app gathers pictures and status updates from the year and presents them to the Facebook user in a video format. The user can decide to post publicly if they would like to.

What Facebook failed to realize is that not everyone had a great year, or a year to celebrate, or even a year of good memories. This year couples have broken up, loved ones have died, and personal tragedies have struck others in some way. Not exactly the sort of things you want thrown in your face as a celebratory post. One Facebook user, Eric Meyer took to Facebook to complain. In the cheerful format the Year in Review is presented as, pictures of Eric’s 6 year old daughter were present. The only problem with that is, his daughter passed away in June of this year. Seeing his little girl and Facebook’s message of “Here’s what your year looked like!” is just morbid and wrong. NPR has the full story.

Maybe Facebook could consider a redesign, or just removing the app entirely.