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How Doe Deere Continually Sets Lime Crime Apart from the Crowd

Doe Deere founded Lime Crime in the weeks before Halloween of 2008 with the goal of bringing a revolutionary line of makeup to the market that would appeal to women everywhere who wanted to express their style as boldly as she does. Doe has always loved bright and bold colors and when she founded Lime Crime she felt that her line would resonate with women across the world who wanted their look to stand out – not blend in with the crowd.

She initially started off with a line of lipsticks called Unicorn Lipsticks and the rest is history. In 2012 she launched an incredibly soft line of lipsticks called the Velvetines line and her brand soon shot to becoming one of the best lipsticks available on the market. With the launch of Velvetines a true craze began. Doe Deere adapted to the craze by launching a new way for people to envision themselves in her products. Instead of showcasing the traditional swatch of lip color on a boring white picture she applied the lipstick color directly to a pair of lips, giving Lime Crime lovers a way to see how the color would look on themselves personally.

Since 2012, Lime Crime has seen a tremendous amount of growth, not just in lipsticks but in a variety of other beauty products. Since then they have launched beauty products that include eyeshadows, powders and highlighters. Lime Crime also has a line of temporary hair colors that reflect Doe Deere’s personal passion for changing up her hair color without causing any damage to the hair.

In its latest product rollout Lime Crime introduces a fun new eyeshadows called the Pocket Candy Palettes. These adorable little eyeshadow palettes come inside of cases that reflect the look and feel of the 1990’s Polly Pocket line of toys for girls. These adorable little cases surprised Lime Crime lovers in September as they came out with an initial three cases in pink, yellow and blue.

Lime Crime is very specific about the products they launch and they insist that unless their own internal team is truly crazy about a product, it won’t be made. It’s clear that the Lime Crime team is crazy about the Pocket Candy Palettes.

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