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Jon Urbana’s Prose Attracts Many New Readers

Jon Urbana has a personal blog where he regularly posts articles as well as pieces from his other projects and interests. For example, many of his posts include links to his photography, videos and more. The blog made through the popular website of WordPress and simply goes by the name  Jon Urbana Official Blog.

In one of his more recent posts at the blog, Jon Urbana features a clip from Simon Black. The title of the clip is ‘Theater of the Absurd’. The clip is a little over 3 minutes long and certainly lives up to its name of the absurd. It is filmed in black and white with no audio except for a beat track in the background. The clip has everything imaginable in it from a woman in lingerie with an umbrella and a man dressed in some sort of robe.

Other videos of Jon Urbana’s include links to other websites and content at that he finds interesting or important. In this particular post, Urbana includes a link to an interview on SoundCloud which is a website in which users can upload music or audio files to be streamed by others. This post includes a description of the interview with a man from Texas who has an interesting family history and unique passion.

As mentioned before, some of Urbana’s posts at and on his Tumblr blog also include features of other works. In this post, there is a picture featured of a slice of garlic. The name of the post is ‘Spring Awakening- Garlic’. The garlic has a black background behind it. Another post of Jon Urbana’s that features a picture can be found here. This post features a picture of a homemade piece of delicious looking autumn cake. It has caramel and nuts inside of it and lies in front of a wooden background. Posts like these really capture the beauty of photography where the viewer feels like they could reach out and grab the featured object.

Some of Jon Urbana’s posts include recaps of his flight feats and some actual articles by Urbana such as this post written about his favorite baseball playoff series. It is a game between the Dodgers and Mets which Urbana was geared up for at the time.

Supporting Earth Force, Jon Urbana Leads the Way

There are many ways to spend what time you may have to help build a strong community mindful of its environment. However, one man has went above and beyond in the fight to create a clean environment and strong community through his actions and leadership. Jon Urbana, once a defensive lacrosse star for the Villanova team, is an advocate of Earth Force Inc. with whom he helps in creating an environmentally-conscious community that employs problem-solving processes to resolve issues locally.

Jon Urbana, currently a co-founder of a lacrosse sports camp and champion for local charities, has utilized the power of technology and his Twitter voice to shed light on Earth Force Inc. and its mission. Many athletes before him have used their skill sets to create success for themselves, in and out of sports. Urbana, like any driven competitor, raises awareness for his cause through Instagram social networking and participating in raising awareness for environmental concerns through videos like one he just released earlier this week:

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

In addition to striving for a clean and sustainable environment, Earth Force Inc. couldn’t have found a more positive and qualified representative for its vision. Urbana is no stranger to local charities and organizations that provide aid to the environment and local communities. As a wealth of experience and leadership, Jon Urbana is a great fit for Earth Force Inc. and its vision.

Furthermore, the charity that Urbana is blogging about involves itself with providing today’s youth with the knowledge and tools necessary to solve environmental problems within the local area and community. As an international non-profit organization, Earth Force Inc. aims to develop a environmentally resilient community that enables its populace to exercise its ability to solve problems.

In the end, Jon Urbana’s mission is to build on his track record as an airplane operator to promote a clean and strong community through Earth Force Inc. is admirable and with a few keyboard strokes and his website, anyone can assist them in reaching their goals even in the comfort of their own home. Through monetary donations, those with access to the internet and a web-browser can visit their GoFundMe page at and contribute to their efforts in creating a proactive and sustainable community!

Celebs and Social Media: A Bad Mix?

Nowadays, you can pretty much find any of your favorite celebs on social media sites. Celebrities keep social media sites because of the fact that it allows them to stay in touch with fans and to also provide their fans with images and words that they wouldn’t otherwise see. This is definitely something that is beneficial in more ways than one, however, a lot of people are finding that celebs are sometimes posting things that can work against them. There are many accounts for celebs where they have posted either images or content that has been taken the wrong way and doesn’t make them look too good.

While LinkedIn says that it’s great to be able to see these types of celebs writing on social media sites that you probably use yourself, they can get themselves into a bind if they happen to write or post something that just does not look that great. It is important that celebs take the time and patience to review everything that they post before they actually publish it on social media. This can help them to have a more beneficial time when using these types of sites so that they can provide their fans with a more enjoyable experience as well. There are tons of celebs out there who have posted things that are not at all good for their image, and this has been a hindrance to those using social media.