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New Healthy Dog Foods Are Gaining In Popularity

Freshpet Inc.’s factory is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and makes refrigerated pet foods. The company has joined the ranks of a growing trend in the pet food industry, making healthy pet foods for your pets. Dog and cat lovers have been making the move to healthier pet foods, and many of them taste just as good as what you feed yourself.
Lamb and salmon have been mixed into pet food for many years, however many pet food companies are now putting more focus into the quality of their pet foods. Pet foods such as Freshpet and others have taken a hint from Beneful, transitioning to a healthier, fresher food for your furry friends.

There are pet foods designed to help your dog lose weight, and PurinaStore provides a way for pet lovers to create customized foods for their pets. This shows that the latest trend is giving more control to pet owners. Dog and cat lovers enjoy caring for their pets.

With dog foods such as lasagna and even beef stroganoff, duck jerky and grilled beef dog treats, pet foods without artificial flavorings and colors are gaining in popularity. This trend parallels the current trends in human foods, with consumers wanting more and more health conscious choices.

Beneful makes dry dog food ( that gives your puppy a diet that is rich in calcium, and provides him all of the nutrients that he requires to live the best that he can live. It even includes DHA to give his brain what it needs to function properly, and his eyes what it needs to see clearly, everyday, all day.

Beneful is made with real chicken, and is flavored with peas and carrots to provide a nutritious and healthy food for your puppy. With ground yellow corn, whole wheat flour, chicken and more, Beneful has certainly helped paved the way for a new trend in pet food. Their products are available on leading supermarkets like Wal-Mart.

Now, our pets are enjoying the same health conscious meals as their owners are. With these two trends gaining in popularity and shaping the way that both humans and pets alike eat, the future is looking very healthy.

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