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Ways to Improve Health Without Weight Watching

Being healthy does not mean that one must be worried about their weight.

Here are 4 tips on to how to improve your health by James Dondero:

1.) Stop Worrying About Weight

Although weight may be an indicator of you shrinking in size, it is not an indicator of health. micro-managing weight can actually be detrimental to losing weight because it can be discouraging when gradual progress is being made.

2.) Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

Contrary to popular belief, a cup a coffee can actually provide the body with necessary antioxidants which are important in fighting off diseases. One cup of coffee a day also acts as an energy booster which can improve any day significantly.

3.) Start Doing Physical Activity

To keep your brain sharp and focused, exercise is key. By exercising, it has been scientifically proven that it puts you in a better mood throughout the day. Exercise also reduced depression as well as anxiety.

4.) Eat More Plant Based Foods

Eating processed foods and complex carbs affect that body in a negative way. One does not need to become vegan, however it is better to eat more foods that are all-natural such as vegetables and whole grains. By doing so, this can boost the health in the heart as well as boost your energy levels. By eating plant based foods, this will boost your mood and make you more prone to having a better and more enjoyable day.

Keith Mann looks for support in his latest fight

Showing commitment to a cause can take many different directions and often shows up in surprising ways that may not be expected by the individual or those around them. Animal activist Keith Mann has explained before some of the reasons behind his commitment to the cause of protecting animals from cruelty and how it has affected his own life. Now, a viral Buzzfeed article tells us Mann is seeking the assistance of the public as he searches for help with an aggressive form of cancer that is affecting him as he refuses the conventional treatments backed by pharmaceutical companies who test their products on animals.

Keith Mann explains that he has always felt strong set of emotions towards animals and has fought to protect them throughout his life. Whilst still at school a series of events took place that eventually led Mann to become a member of the Animal Liberation Front and forced him to break the law as he tried to help animals facing cruelty. Amongst the things Mann has done in his life include making sure a rabbit held without food or water was freed from captivity and that the cause for banning fox hunting was publicized across the UK.

Mann continues to look for new and innovative ways to publicize the animal rights cause and eventually decided to stand for election to the UK Parliament bringing with him a set of policies designed to help animals being ill treated. The work of Keith Mann to protect animals came to a shuddering halt when he was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma and told the best course of treatment was to use the medications created by the major organizations he had spent his life fighting for testing on animals. At this point many people would have taken the cure and forgotten about what they fought for.

Instead, Keith Mann decided to make sure he maintained his principles and dedication to the care of animals by refusing the medications used in traditional treatments. Mann is now looking for assistance with his decision from the public who he hopes will help pay for his Gerson Therapy. This therapy requires Keith Mann to consume organic ingredients and natural products in a bid to detoxify his body and allow the natural ingredients to help fight the cancerous cells.