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Handy home services- Your technology cleaner is here

Just recently Handy, a New York City-based company announced that it had raised another $50 million. The cash comes from the heavy funding the company had received from investors such as TPG Growth, Fidelity, Highland Capital, General Catalyst and Revolution Growth. The company is going to use that funding to expand to other cities from the 28 cities it is currently situated. The company aims at doubling its markets in the coming 12 months.

Handy initially started as Handybook in 2012. It was a platform where customers can easily book home services such as handymen cleaners, at an imaginably low and friendly price. Handy hires other handymen cleaners and dispatches them to homes through its mobile application and online platform. The company has grown immeasurably since it was started. It has received huge funding from investors. It faces huge competition from investors that offer similar services.

Handy brings in an exclusive convenience to customers. The old system of hiring sketch, unreliable cleaning agencies has been replaced with a newly organized website. All you have to do is to enter your zip code, the rooms you want cleaned and your starting price. You instantly get a price quotation and a tip and tax. If you feel the price is good, your card is going to be charged. No longer will you have to deal with stacks of cash and worry about over-payment or underpayment.

Handy beats its competitors because according to, it screens all of its freelancers. It does background checks, personal interviews to hundreds of people that apply. Today, only 3% of companies that apply get to work for Handy. The company further provides a money back guarantee when a customer does not like the work. It covers replacement costs on anything that could be damaged through the cleaning process. All services provided by Handy are customer based and provide the best customer experience.

Handy has done a good job to get repeat customers. The company has built this strong network effect because of quality service to customers. Their biggest competitors have been reported to have only 20% repeat bookings within a month. Handy on the other hand today enjoys a massive 80% bookings within a month. The number of happy clients that work with the company increase daily. Handy as always shown a huge commitment to expand and build its platform. The company aims at making management of your home stress-free and extremely simple.