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Alexandre Gama: How To Hire A Brazilian Advertising Executive

Before embarking on a marketing or advertising campaign, no matter your industry or type of business you run, you need to determine who your target audience is and then come up with the right strategy to reach them.

If you want to generate more customers and increase sales and revenue in your business, it is imperative to get expert assistance.

With so many marketing firms and advertising specialists out there, how do you select the most reliable one for your campaign setup or management? If you need expert help reaching your target audience in Brazil, contact Alexandre Gama – one of the most reliable marketing and advertising professionals in Brazil.

Alexandre Gama is a well recognize marketing consultant in Brazil and he can provide the promotional service you need to present product to your potential customers.

Alexandre Gama has been rendering superior advertising and marketing solutions to clients throughout Brazil and he has a great reputation in the industry. Alexandre Gama has the tools and resources to help you reach your goal.

If you want to advertise effectively and achieve a great outcome, Alexandre Gama is your clear choice. As a reputable advertising executive, Alexandre Gama works closely with his clients and takes the time to understand how to help them get the exposure they need to sell products and services to their potential customers.

When you contact Alexandre Gama he will conduct market analysis, create copy and messages for your advertisement, and target your specific audience.


Jose Borghi Describes The Trends In Visual Marketing

Brazilian advertising executive, Jose Borghi, of ad agency Mullen Lowe, states that today, there is a great emphasis on delivering good content to viewers. Good content, Jose Borghi highlights should not only be limited to text, or sound but also include visuals. Whether you are looking to attract the attention of viewers or trying to convert people into becoming purchasers or clients, good imagery can play a vital role in  advertising campaign.

Good visuals can help a product gain recognition and help advertisers sell a product. Therefore for an ad to be successful today, it needs to have excellent visual appeal in addition to other aspects. Jose Borghi states that in 2016, a number of interesting photographic, visual and artistic trends were seen. He has looked at a survey completed by Getty Images that analyzed over 400 million photo downloads from the Getty Images website. Mr. Borghi points out that Getty Images is viewed as a highly professional and authoritative source when it comes to photography, design and photojournalism. Below are some of the highlights of the survey done by Getty Images as summarized by Jose Borghi.

The number one trend in visual marketing in 2016 involved in trying to portray products or services as promoting values that are good or positive. These images try to put the product or service in line with our moral compass and promote them as being good for us, good for society and having a good impact.The second trend in imagery now is what Jose Borghi calls the human extension. This involves portraying new technology as becoming almost a part of us and our lives. This can involve marketing using applications and the computer. Insurgency is the third trending theme in the world of visual advertising. This involves marketing something that is viewed as not part of the norm or unacceptable until it is considered mainstream and acceptable. This form of advertising is becoming increasingly common and can be quite powerful in changing habits and attitudes of consumers.

Another trend seen in imagery for 2016 include what Jose Borghi describes as aesthetic chaos. This involves creating images that may seem to lack order but that have an underlying message or theme out of the chaos. Stark contrasts are another common theme. This involves placing opposites in the same image or video and letting them contrast in the visual medium. The contrasts help convey an image and strengthen each other’s message.