The ClassDojo App Goes Beyond the Format of a Simple Teaching Tool

Although ClassDojo could be summed up as an educational application for mobile devices, it is actually a tool designed to create better classroom environments. A Japanese Dojo was initially created as a temple with the word’s meaning as a place of the way. This description could be applied to the new application for use by teachers and parents alike. The objective of the app was to create a better way to provide students with environments where they could flourish. This is accomplished through the exchange of ideas between parents, students and teachers.

The primary target levels of education for the ClassDojo app are K-8. These levels are crucial in the development of a student’s ability to focus and learn in an effective manner. The ClassDojo application has helped students between the ages of 5 and 14 develop more positive attitudes about learning, themselves and their fellow students through the practice of growth mindset and empathy. By utilizing the technologies most kids are familiar with, the application can be used to encourage positive behavior in the classroom by emphasizing the positive contributions children make. Teachers can set up positive reinforcement boards within the app where they can allocate trophies and rewards to students for even the smallest achievements.

Positive reinforcement is also encouraged through the use of student expression. The ClassDojo app provides a format where students can feel good about what they have accomplished by sharing their stories with others. The app’s student portfolio aspect allows children in all grade levels to share photos or videos of what takes place inside their classroom. This in turn, allows parents to stay better connected with their children throughout the learning process. Teachers can also connect with parents through the messaging system made available through the ClassDojo application, which can be done in a private manner where no phone numbers are exchanged.

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