Securus Technologies- Incorporating inmates’ interests in product development

Securus Technologies is the biggest provider of criminal and civil justice solutions. The solutions they provide range from public safety, to corrections, monitoring, and investigations. According to Securus Technologies, when coming up with this technology, they not only look at the interests of the authorities. Right at the center of their product development is the needs of the inmates themselves. In general, their product development strategy incorporates the needs of the inmates’ family, inmates, their friends and law enforcement officials. According to Rick Smith, the chief executive officer of Securus, the software they come up with is aimed at helping all the partners involved in the prison matters.


Rick Smith adds that every year they interact with all the partners and their main goal is to address their issues; that will add efficiency, improve inmates’ education, assist inmates to have a successful entry into the society after they complete their terms, secure the prison facilities, and allow investigations into matters related to prison facilities. In short, Securus Technologies have a wide source of information that they have in their grip. When developing their products they always try to facilitate as much as possible the issues mentioned.


Securus Technologies has a motto of listening carefully to the players in the sector and then trying their best to create products that have to satisfy their needs and requirements. Securus Technologies has the best prison technology today. They have invested heavily in the technology and the products they develop with the intention of having the best products in the industry. Securus believe in delivering more than just lip service. They have invested more than $1 billion into the industry. Theirs is to serve their partners in the best way possible.




Securus Technologies have their headquarters in Texas. As of today, they are serving more than three thousand correctional facilities and more than one million inmates.


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