Jeffry Schneider Tackles Finance and Fitness

It might seem like an unlikely combination for a professional to excel in both finance and fitness. For Jeffry Schneider, there is no other path to success, and this is what he has been preaching to his peers and employees for decades now. Schneider is the embodiment of a healthy lifestyle and is the first person to be willing to share the secrets behind his success. He also strives to eat a balanced diet and is a great source of information on healthy eating.


Schneider previously worked for Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors before launching his own boutique investment firm. He has held a range of management positions throughout his career in finance and has learned invaluable lessons about inspiring and empowering others through his leadership responsibilities. He is a strong believer in the power of physical fitness to transform your attitude about work and beyond. His commitment to training for marathons and triathlons instilled a sense of dedication in Schneider to allow him to see even the most challenging projects through to completion.

One of the unforeseen benefits of taking up marathon training for Schneider has been the opportunity to travel to some remote and gorgeous destinations around the world. Schneider writes about his travels frequently because he loves to pass along the beauty of different cultures and provide a window into parts of the world that most people will never visit. He has been exposed to different cultures and languages, which has been fulfilling for him personally and has added an international dynamic to his work relationships.


Schneider’s unique perspective on the world and willingness to step outside his comfort zone have allowed him to serve investment clients on a level that most other financial advisers are unable to imagine. His clients and peers consistently comment that Schneider is always willing to rise to the occasion and treats each client as if they were family. This is how Schneider has trained all of his employees to approach serving their clients in the finance industry, and it has created a welcoming and supportive culture at his workplace.

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