ECU Fights Against Moore

End Citizens United officially announced on Wednesday, that they have plans in the coming election for U.S Senate, to endorse the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones. Current Democratic Nominee Jones, is running for senate, based off of his credentials as a previous United States attorney, and is running against rival republican candidate, Roy Moore. He’s currently nominated for the Alabama special election, which is set to take place this December on the 12th of the month. In defense of their endorsement, ECU made statements regarding Candidate Moore that weren’t of the most pleasant nature, claiming that he was “An extremist with a racist, bigoted agenda, who will defend a corrupt, rigged system in Washington that favors the priorities of special interests over everyday Alabamians,”.

President of ECU also made statements concerning Moore, accusing him of having a “radical agenda” which was not fit for any member of the United States Senate to posses. Tiffany Muller is currently active president of End Citizens United and stands firm aside her beliefs that Moore is an unfit and inappropriate choice for office. She later went on to question Moore’s set of values, while continuing to give hard reasoning on why Doug Jones was a far more suitable candidate. “Doug Jones is a man of character and integrity” Mrs. Muller went on to say; as she gave various reasonings for ECU’s endorsement decision.

End Citizens United is an organization created to be a leading role in assisting the election of particular members of Congress, who are dedicated to putting an end to Citizens United. They support candidates who will uphold important, core principles regarding current economic faults in our federal governmental system. The group has been active for a little over 2 years, and has since expanded into a vast organization with over 3 million dedicated partners and members. ECU takes a stand against policies allowing undisclosed money supplies, that are essentially endless in nature, and pose great threat to our nation’s economy.

ECU is a well known, grassroots institution; that promotes political ideologies which demand finance reform while remaining entirely donation funded. They fight day and night to withstand the economically damaging political philosophies, up kept by Citizens United.

ECU was first begun on the 1st of March in 2015; as a passionate response to numerous, political groups, set in place to fund and influence elections across the country. They are not a corporately funded entity, but rather take pride in being a true voice of the people, as a donor based organization. Their main purpose of ECU is to remove the heavy influence of money in politics and promote pro-reform, progressive candidates that will uphold their values.

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