End Citizens United And The James Bopp Problem

There is a quiet war being waged for the very rights of the American people and the impact that their votes have on the direction of the country. That war is primarily being waged by a conservative group named Citizens United. It has been their goal for the past ten years to systematically get rid of all the regulations that prevent corporate lobbyists and billionaires from taking over the political process.

The sad part is that they are winning. Still, that doesn’t mean that Citizens United is bereft of opposition. Tiffany Muller and the hard workers at End Citizens United are doing their best to make change in Washington DC to help every day Americans.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was started in direct response to the work that Citizens United has done to destabilize our government. With Tiffany Muller in charge the focus of the PAC has been to make their name a reality. Unfortunately, in order for End Citizens United to be successful this means that they will have to raise money and go toe to toe with some of the biggest names in the government — including current right winger President Trump.

Muller and co are focused on bringing about constitutional change at the highest levels of government in order to undo what James Bopp and the team at Citizens United managed to accomplish. This means that End Citizens United is going to need to endorse politicians who are vocal about getting rid of the Citizens United decision. This means that they are going to be fundraising hard throughout 2017 in order to prepare for the 2018 elections. So far this year End Citizens United has raised $4 million and their goal is to bring in nearly $35 million. If they are successful then some change might be coming sooner than you think.

For those that don’t know the story of Citizens United it all started with a lawyer named James Bopp. Bopp pleaded a case before the FEC in order to allow him to air a defamatory video in 2008 called “Hillary: The Movie”. The propaganda hit piece was rife with wild conspiracies about Hillary and how she tried to assassinate a political opponents cat. It was utter rubbish, up and down the definition. Bopp was roundly and resoundingly laughed out of court. But he didn’t give up.

In 2010 James Bopp would re-appear in court, this time before the Supreme Court. With the backing of the billionaire Koch Brothers and the conservative group Citizens United, Bopp successfully lobbied for the stripping of campaign financing regulations. For a wonder, he managed to succeed. Now, nearly a decade later, End Citizens United is fighting to undo that damage.

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