Boldly Going Forward with Cancer Treatment Centers of America

New technology is crucial for cancer research. Whether it means researching treatment options or trying to find a cure for cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America are working with NantHealth and Allscripts to offer oncologists and nursing staff a new support system that can access workflows stored in the Allscripts Sunrine health record.  This system will build a bridge between the treatment process and the doctor who will not have to spend countless hours trying to figure out which treatment method is the best. The companies working on this system asked oncologists of their input because they have an immense amount of data created over the years.

They also know best what kind of system they find easy to work with. All advisable treatment possibilities are on the list, and it allows doctors offer a quicker and more precise diagnosis. The patients will not have to play a guessing game while they wait.

It is also possible to see the new data trickling in about different studies of cancer and its elimination options. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America standard of care is applied to the system, making the diagnosis safe and efficient.

The most important person in the design is the patient. Their comfort always comes first. Oncologists can now create custom treatment options and compare the different possibilities making it safer for the patient. It is all supported with updated clinical data.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America with their HQ in Florida is made up of five hospitals. They work with cancer patients all over the country using the newest innovation and research to help people recover from the different forms of the disease. They also offer side-effect management and counselling.

The hospitals linked to the network are located in Illinois, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia with doctors, oncologists and researchers collaborating on research and data gathering all over the country and internationally.

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