Agora Financial Explains Their Mission with Simple, Interesting New Video

Like many people reaching their golden years, I was unsure if I had done enough to truly protect myself in my retirement. As a PR executive, financial trends and market analysis is the last thing I have experienced on my day to day working life.

I found Agora Financial though an interesting learner video on YouTube. What I enjoyed most about the video was how simple it was to understand. When meeting with investment firms in the past, it always seemed that people talk over your head and use words that those outside their world wouldn’t understand, perhaps sometimes intentionally.

Agora Financial’s video was a pleasure to watch. First, it took you through a key scenario that was very similar to the one I was undergoing. Without a background in investing, I wasn’t really sure where to turn to invest my earnings and take care of the little nest egg I had built up throughout my career. I also had now clue how to do things like analyze market trends. The video even spoke about not knowing who to trust, with many investment brokers simply looking to earn commission of my hard earned money.

Agora Financial then explained their sole purpose is to provide highly researched educational literature to help people do just that. The company has been around for more than 10 years and in that time has published hundreds of pieces of literature including e-books, articles, scholarly publications and even infographics. They have over $1 million readers that visit their site to read these publications.

Additionally, Agora Financial’s publications are completely unbiased and all done through independent research. Their team actually travels to places that could be potential new investment avenues to learn more about market trends so that they can better educate their readers with these publications.

Overall the video was very insightful and gave me a good look into who Agora Financial is and the services they offer.


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