The Strategies that Fabletics has used to Succeed in the Fashion Industry

Fabletic is a company that is well recognized by women across the United States for it excellent workout clothing line. The enterprise was started by Kate Hudson and two other entrepreneurs. It has performed well for the past three years that it has been in the fashion market. The company’s products have outstanding designs that make them fashionable, comfortable, and stylish. They are also sold to clients at affordable prices. The business has grown swiftly and has become a major competitor to Amazon, Lululemon, and Athleta, which are top companies that sell fitness apparel. The quality of Fabletic’s products is outstanding, and they are sold at about half their market price.


The success of Fabletic has been driven by the excellent after sales services that it offers to clients. The popularity of the brands rises every day, and more people are joining its subscription service. The Fabletics portal requires customers to take a short survey when registering as new subscribers. The answers that an individual provides make it easy for the company’s stylists to understand more about their lifestyle, workouts, and preferred colors. Fabletics utilizes that data that it collects from the internet in fulfilling the needs of its subscribers. Individuals who wish to shop at Fabletics can subscribe to different membership plans. The firm gives a regular and VIP membership program. All its clients are offered personalized products at pocket-friendly prices while VIP members have privileges such as free returns, accessories, and shipping.


The athleisure wear fashion company runs both online as well as brick and mortar stores. It has 18 physical shops that are located across the United States, and they increase its accessibility. Fabletics will be launching 12 more brick and mortar stores in 2017. Approximately half of the shoppers across the globe prefer shopping in physical stores even though many online stores have the same products. The company’s business has flourished over the years due to reverse showrooming technique that it uses. It invites clients to shop at its online as well as brick and mortar stores. Fabletics is currently worth more than $250 million. The business has developed excellent relationships with all its clients, and this has facilitated growth.


The company’s reverse showrooming plan allows customers to browse its products on the internet, but they can later buy them at the brick and mortar stores. The tactic has played a great role in increasing the number of subscribers who buy its products. Fabletics’ physical shops and online stores are well synchronized, and all the clothes that individuals buy at the stores are automatically added to their online shopping cart.


According to Hudson, the most successful brands are built by using excellent marketing strategies. The company always send monthly newsletters to the clients to their address. The delivery includes customized clothes that match an individual’s style. The firm determines the products that it should store by analyzing data from its online and physical stores. It also relies on past experiences with clients and social media sentiments.

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