Avaaz; The Greatest Promoter of Peace and Rights to All

Avaaz is a renowned worldwide organization with its base in the United States of America. The organization was launched in January 2007 to promote activism on serious issues such as human rights, climate change, corruption, animal rights, poverty and conflicts both internal and external. Avaaz is a Persian word which means voice or song, the name was chosen due to its relation to the major objective of the organization which is to promote peace and rights to all. This organization is considered to be the most powerful activist network online.

Avaaz organization owes its foundation to the Canadian British Ricken Patel who studied political philosophy, economics (PPE) from Balliol College at Oxford University. Mr. Patel also received his master’s in public policy from the prestigious Harvard University. He gained experience as he worked with International Crisis Group in many parts of the world. He has promoted peace and human rights in countries like Sudan, Liberia, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone. Due to his exposure, he mastered the art of negotiation where liberals would table their issues and peacefully come to terms. He also gained the art of mastering elections to ensure no grievances arise therefore preventing violence.

His task also included restoring public faith where corruption would be rampant in a country and detect when foreign forces would be enticed to interfere with other countries democracy. After his venture into the world, Ricken Patel returned to the United States where he founded Avaaz and learned to use online tools to promote activism.
Avaaz campaigns globally are conducted by dedicated teams operating from more than 30 countries which include among others: India, UK, Brazil, Lebanon etcetera. They communicate mostly via email, online public petitions and videos. This is done to ensure peace during campaigns and prevent eruption of violence. This great organization receives its financial support from its generous members and co-founders.

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