The Early Music Days of Cassio Audi

If you remember anything about the 1980s then you remember the glory of music. Music was exciting and innovative. Legends like Michael Jackson and Prince dominated the pop scene with Madonna. Of course, music was a great business to be in. The 1980’s is when a popular Brazilian band named Viper hit the scene. With strong influence from the Iron Maidens, Viper went on to produce over five heavy rock albums.

One of the original drummers of the popular band was Cassio Audi. Cassio Audi was a prominent drummer in Viper for over 2 years. He’s best known for his work on The Killera Sword, Projeto SP Metal, and Soldiers of Sunrise albums. Cassio Audi’s style of drumming was likened to the work of Clive Burr from the Iron Maidens around the same time period.

After spending a few years in the well-known Brazilian band, Cassio Audi was succeeded by Sergio Facci. Much of Cassio’s work is well know within heavy metal groups, especially in Brazil. He has been featured on many websites along with his former band Viper. Largely contributed with helping the band get their early start in the heavy metal scene.

After gaining a great following within the 1980s, Cassio ultimately decided to leave the band and pursue a direction in business and finance. Speaking to heavy metal enthusiasts in that area, many would have loved to see Cassio continue expanding the image of Viper instead of leaving the band.

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