Law Enforcement Using Securus Technologies to Catch a Criminal

I work the fugitive task force in a very densely populated city, and my job is returning suspects to jail who have either skipped bail or gotten out of the jail and are on the run. I have several resources to help in my efforts to locate this suspects, but I find if you can think like the criminal, you can always find the criminal.


When an inmate escapes the jail, they can only survive on the outside with help from others. Without money, a vehicle, food, clothing, and a place to stay, we could scoop up these fugitives with little effort. The trouble we have is these inmates have an established network of family, friends, and other inmates, who provide the escapee everything they need to stay off my radar.


To make matters worse, the informants usually will not come forward for fear of interaction with the suspect, so I have to do my homework. The key is discovering their home base, because they will need to get settled, gather new identities, and hit the road quickly to stay one step ahead of the law.


When I got a call from the jail that Securus Technologies installed the new inmate communication system, I needed to see it for myself because I heard it could be very helpful in catching a criminal on the run. Listening to the suspect is one thing, but after I was trained on the LBS software, I heard information I would have easily missed. Now I not only had information on how the inmate got out of the city, but who he was speaking to days up to the escape and what the plans for the future were.


With the help of the LBS software, we did surveillance on some local thugs harboring the inmate, and brought them all in before he made his run for the border.


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