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Let USHEALTH Group Help You

For those in need of insurance solutions, look no further. USHEALTH Group, Inc. is here to help. Since its conception, the company has provided millions of people with a multitude of insurance options. These include life, disease/sickness, disability, accident and so forth. Furthermore, the company has provided insurance options to individuals, families, employees, and small business owners. To be exact, USHEALTH Group has provided insurance to over 15 million people. Also, the company has been in business for more than half of a century.

Unlike other insurance companies, USHEALTH Group understands that each customer has an individual need. Therefore, the company prides itself on providing customers with a variety of options. This gives customers the freedom to choose the most fitting insurance plan. Furthermore, the company created a portfolio that showcases the preferred coverage of its customers. With years of experience and such a large install base, USHEALTH Group is more than qualified to be an insurance provider. Also, USHEALTH Group has a portfolio geared toward customers who are on a fixed income or worry about having high annual deductible rates. The products exhibited in their portfolio inform customers of discounts and benefit information that USHEALTH Group offers. Click here to know more.

Therefore, these plans are considerably cheaper. Moreover, the company has a portfolio for customers who are willing to pay more money for insurance. However, these insurance plans are more tailored than the cost-effective portfolios. In addition to giving customers multiple options, USHEALTH Group focuses on delivering the utmost customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is something USHEALTH Group takes seriously. As evidenced by their install base, the company knows a lot about customer service.

Throughout the years, millions of customer have remained loyal to USHEALTH Group. In particular, this is noteworthy due to the market being extremely volatile. For a company the size of USHEALTH Group to not suffer from high customer turnover or low customer loyalty is remarkable. It speaks volume about how the company fares when compared to its competitors. Therefore, USHEALTH Group has been an ally to all they serve. Furthermore, the company rightfully deserves every accolade they have received.

The Incomparable James Dondero

James Dondero is the current President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management. His 30 years of experience in credit and equity markets primarily focused on high yield and distressed investing. The company which began in 1993 revolutionized the Collateralized Loan Obligation market and credit oriented solutions for investors worldwide. Highland Capital Management has attained $19 billion in assets under management and collaborates with affiliates such as Acis Capital Management, Nexpoint Advisors and Nexpoint Residential Trust

Mr. Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with honors (Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi) as well as a dual major graduate from the McIntire School of Commerce in Accounting and Finance. He received certifications as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management and Chartered Financial Analyst . Mr. Dondero began as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty program in 1984.

Before his current position Mr. James Dondero was a Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager for American Express from 1985 through 1989 growing $1 billion in fixed income funds. From 1989 through 1993 serving as Chief Investment Officer he helped create the GIC subsidiary of Protective life accounting for over $2 billion dollars. Mr. Dondero is The Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and Newbank. And also serves as a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios

Mr. Dondero is synonymous with philanthropic endeavors. He supports numerous charitable organizations such as Education is Freedom, Uplift Education, Perot Museum of Natural Science, Snowball Express, SMU’s Towers Scholars Program as well as the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute.

Greg Finch – Orthopedic Surgeon You Can Trust With Eyes Closed

As we grow old, our muscles and skeletal systems continue to lose the strength and the agility it has during the youth. The aging process starts to show its signs in just about every aspect of our health, and musculoskeletal system is no different. Many various types of orthopedic treatment and surgeries can be prescribed today to get rid of any musculoskeletal issues. Orthopedic surgeons are specially trained to perform musculoskeletal related operations and diagnose patients suffering from muscles or bone related problems.

One of the common musculoskeletal procedures is arthroscopy that treats the problem using an arthroscope for the issues inside the joint. Joint replacement and shoulder replacement are also a commonly prescribed orthopedic procedure in which the damaged joint is replaced with the plastic surface or a metal tool that imitates the real joint and helps with the natural recovery and enhances the motion of the injured area. It helps the patients to use the damaged joints normally like without any hindrance in the movement. Metal plates, pins, plastic surfaces, and pins are used during the bone fracture repair and are performed when the patient has his or her bone broken.

Greg Finch is one of the most famous orthopedic surgeons in Australia and practices at Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. He has done his MBBS from the University of Auckland and currently resides in Queensland, Australia. Greg Finch’s specialty lies in spinal surgery and disc replacement and has successfully treated hundreds of patients over the years. Before working with Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, Greg Finch has worked with Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Shriners Hospitals For Children and Royal Perth Hospital. Greg Finch thoroughly analyzes the problems of the patient before diagnosis and makes sure that the patient achieves full recovery in a short period.