What Chris Burch Sees Ahead For Tech

The Mogul Of The Fashion Industry

John Burch is perhaps the world’s most successful fashion entrepreneur. Starting in his college days with his first clothing business, he has studied the industry inside and out to give himself a perfect view of where the fashion industry is at any point in time and where it will head in the future. According to Chris Burch, the direction the fashion industry is headed will lead to a merging of tech and fashion. When this happens we will see a more utilitarian, but still very trendy, approach to fashion.



The Relationship Between Tech And Fashion

Central to his predictions is the relationship between the fashion industry and the tech industry. Even a cursory glance of our modern world reveals the overwhelming prevalence and power of technology. Our entertainment is centered around technology, our social lives are centered around technology, and there are few examples anywhere that appear absent from the influence of technology. Naturally, John Burch believes technology will eventually at some point in time merge with fashion and produce ideas and trends like we have never seen before.



The Current Scene

There are plenty of examples of the merging of fashion and technology around us today. The recent Apple Watch was a merging of technology and fashion. There are jackets that automatically warm their wearers and neckwear designed to release airbags in an emergency. When technology is released, especially in an age where everyone is used to personalized experiences, it’s only natural to assume the fashion industry would experience some impact. History does offer precedents of sorts. In the 70s and 80s, the boom box and walkman eventually turned into fashion statements as youth treated them as accessories. This mirrors current thoughts about smartphones.



Why John Burch Is Probably Right

Entrepreneurship is one of the most difficult things anyone can do with their life. It takes a certain level of skill to probably understand exactly which trends will continue, which trends will disappear, and which trends are only beginning. John Burch understands the fashion industry very well. The numerous startups he creates have a consistent track record of success. His vision for the future isn’t too far fetched when you look at the impact technology has on other areas of life such as our food or education. He simply believes that trend is going to spread into his field of work.

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