The Elements Assigned or Standard to the Process of Investment Banking Provide Much in the Way of Advantages to the Savvy Financial Investment Banking Client Seeing Funding:

Once the Investment Banker is Engaged—Benefits are Apparent:

1—The banker is in the positive position of properly assessing the company’s overall stratagem in way of determining how much, in the way of funding, is necessary. He also engages himself in the review of the organization’s financials. He ascertains how much, in the way of interest, amortization and dividends is sustainable. The financial infrastructure, too, is dependent on the market.

2—The investment banking house is instrumental in that it provides the proper presentation of the client’s position. It provides such documentation as the information memorandum, the financial forecast, the company’s overall marketing strategy, and other necessary details, in order that he or she is able to represent his or her client, favorably, to potential investors.

3—The banking house provides its interested prospect with a strategy. The strategy employs the components of the company’s offering as to market acceptability; and the selection of certain providers of capital. Naturally, this third element is crucial to the success of the investment banker, in the raising of funding for his or her sophisticated clientele.

4—It goes without saying, that the investment banker, in order to assure a successful funding outcome, must provide its client with the utmost in negotiation service. Negotiation becomes crucial in that, dependent on the investor, the pricing and terms of the deal, become varied. The preceding is to say, with each investor, his or her objective or focus is probably unique—accordant to the view of the investor. When all is “said and done,” the investment banker, in order to reach his target transaction, must rely on his personal knowledge of market conditions. He or she must be a top-notch communicator when providing or laying out the funding requirements of the company, he represents, to interested investors.

5—The last beneficial phase or element, as it pertains to the client’s positioning, is the investment banker’s role in raising Capital. This fifth element is termed execution of the deal: A transaction that is clearly successful is concluded with funds provided to the investment banker’s client, along with the most precise structuring and pricing, available.

Martin Lustgarten is a resident of sunny Miami, Florida. He is also the innovative and reliable CEO behind operations at his established banking firm: Lustgarten Martin. Lustgarten Martin also calls Miami, Florida its home-base. Mr. Lustgarten has been involved in the investment banking business for many years. During his career, Mr. Lustgarten has acquired a deep understanding of the market, and how the market can affect the financial activities of his sophisticated clientele.

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