How Prodigy Eric Pulier Shaped The Software Industry

Born To Program

Eric Pulier started programming at a very young age. He wrote his first programs in the 4th grade, and he started his first software company while still in high school. After receiving his degree in computer science from Harvard University, Pulier started taking aim at the software industry. His ambitions quickly turned things to his favor, and before too long Pulier was a millionaire. The patents, which he continues to create to this day, under his name include just about everything you could possibly do in software. (Get More Info)

A Hand In Everything

Eric Pulier is a jack of all trades. In just about every category of software, he has had some level of influence. Particularly, Pulier is an active creator of application programming interfaces, essentially platforms for developing software, and communication software such as social networks. In fact, in the 90s, before the rise of websites and apps like Facebook, Pulier created the world’s first private social network Starbright World. Thanks to his innovation, others took interest in the idea of creating social networks and the potential they had. Even today that social network, Starbright World, continues to connect people from across the world. See:

Lending A Helping Hand

Eric Pulier is a family man with 4 children of his own. He wants to leave these children with the best world imaginable, and technology is the best way he sees fit to make the world a better place. Sometimes his philanthropy occurs through direct means, such as the creation of the Starbright World social network. Other times, Pulier takes on more of an advisory role. When Bill Clinton wanted to create the Bridge to the 21st Century, an exhibit devoted to predictions surrounding 21st century technology. Even after Bill Clinton stepped out of office, Pulier continued to work with them in their pursuit of ways to solve important global issues. The Clinton Global Initiative, founded shortly after Clinton left office, is devoted to finding solutions to many global issues. Alongside other experts, Eric Pulier provides insights and brainstorms over the potential solution to many important issues.

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