Bruce Levenson’s Legal Team Continue AIG Battle

The complexities of the insurance industry will be tested in a legal case brought by the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, headed by Bruce Levenson, who claim a simple insurance claim over the financial settlement provided to former General Manager Danny ferry remains unpaid. Danny Ferry’s contract was terminated just two days prior to the announcement of the sale of the franchise for around $730 million to billionaire Tony Ressler in June 2015; Bruce Levenson’s legal team are pointing to discussions held with AIG as early as April 2015 over comments made by Ferry they believe could be seen as grounds for a constructive dismissal claim.

Despite the ongoing legal claim against AIG, Bruce Levenson has not limited his work to the case but has instead continued to extend his philanthropic career around the world. Bruce Levenson and his wife, Karen, have acted as the Chair for a Kennedy Center sponsored ball that benefited the Anti-Defamation League. Alongside the Kennedy Center ball the Levenson’s have extended their work with the University of Maryland by providing funding for new philanthropic management programs that have taken students to developing nations in Africa and Asia.

According to Time Magazine, the case against AIG will see aspects of workplace insurance discussed as Bruce Levenson’s legal team has looked for new ways of finding a financial settlement over the termination of the $18 million six year contract of Danny Ferry. No details have yet been made public of the settlement provided to Danny Ferry, but the case brought through the Barnes & Thorburg law firm asks the court to award a full financial settlement plus a 50 percent penalty and all legal costs to Levenson’s group. The current owners of the Atlanta Hawks have explained they are aware of the legal proceedings and will not be affected as the case moves through the courts. The info posted on this article can be sourced from Wikipedia.



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