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Goettl Maximizes Its Social Media Presence

In 1939, a company was launched with the intention of greatly helping people suffering from air conditioning woes. The Arizona-based company Goettl Air Conditioning launched as a family owned business. Today, Goettl is under new ownership and does a lot more than handle air conditioning requests. The company is heavily involved with energy efficiency, air quality, heating, and more. Goettl not only serves Arizona, the company has offices in Nevada and California. Yes, Goettl positively is a company with a great name and delivers equally great service.

All may sound intriguing to someone in need of heating or cooling assistance. Anyone hoping to learn more about this unique company should check out its Facebook page.

The Goettl Facebook page absolutely drives home the notion this company has been in the air conditioning business for many years. A profile picture revealing an old “repair team fleet” in a decades-old black and white photo has more than a nostalgic feel to it. The old photo gives the impression the company has been in business for a long time and, likely, is constantly delivering on all the expectations of demanding customers.

The Facebook page is also home to some nice posts that show the company cares about its customers. One post points out that keeping a furnace clean is a must for those hoping to maintain air quality and safety. A few tips are presented about what to do when turning on a furnace to keep home dwellers from suffering a reaction. The Facebook page is one known for its unexpected posts, which is a good thing. Each visit to the page could reveal something new.

For those looking for a more professional social media page, the LinkedIn site for Goettl Air Conditioning is absolutely worth a visit. The LinkedIn page features a full-color photo with the same retro style. Constantly stressing how long the company has been in business is definitely not a bad idea. Going down the list of items on the LinkedIn page reveals a bit more clear biographical information about the company.

Basic information about the company’s history is presented. The info should be helpful to those who want to learn something a bit more concrete when wondering about what company to call when a problem arises. And speaking of calls, Goettl lists all four phone numbers to its four major offices.

Goettl Air Conditioning has a nice social media presence. Why not check the various pages out?

Hair Care Line by Chaz Dean- WEN by Chaz is Amazing for All Hair Types

Who hasn’t seen the infomercials for WEN by Chaz Dean? I mean, anyone who has television has at least seen the commercial at least once, right? When the commercials come on, you come across a number of beautiful women who are standing around shaking their heads and will swear by the products they are advertising for. If you are someone who has hard to manage hair, have hair that is just not trainable, or simply need something better than your average cleaners from the store, you must try Wen by Chaz Dean.

As advertised on another site, Bustle, Wen hair products are being boasted as the best around. People will tell stories of using the products and basically overnight will have a beautiful head of hair. It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, there is a line of products available for you to use. From the shampoo’s to the conditioners to the cleansers they sell. There are formulations that are readily available on Amazon for you to use in order to add more moisture, shine and bounce to your head of hair.

Because so many people talk about what they use, some people will simply want to try it to see what the fuss is all about, when this happens, you will see that the item that people are all raving about is actually a great product, you will be sure to be one of the many people paying for these products instead of purchasing store bought brands of shampoo, conditioners, cleaners and more. Don’t be surprised if you fall in love within the first night of using Wen by Chaz Dean ( Many superstars, actors, actresses and singers will all brag about using this product and the amount of good it has done for them. Why not join them and become one of the bunch all using the Wen hair care line products?

Visit the brand’s Facebook page and Twitter profile to learn more about this amazing product.

Wengie is the Life Hack Expert

There are not a lot of people that could classify themselves as experts in their twenties. The millions of subscribers that are checking out Wengie, however, would probably say that this young lady – who is still in her twenties – is an expert on life hacks. There is no shortage of information for the life hack videos that are shown. There is a certain amount of energy that goes into creating quality YouTube videos, and Wengie seems to have what it takes.


Her life hacks have become so bountiful that she has created multiple videos that can give people insight on different things that they may need information on. There are life hack videos by Wengie that cover things like getting to sleep when you may have trouble sleeping. She also unveils things like life hack pranks or lazy life hacks. She has life hacks for people that have pets. There are so many different life hacks by Wengie.


The reality is that her life hack expertise is growing, and her ability to convey these types of hacks to other people has made her an internet sensation. She pulls out all of the stops and gives people information about her life through the form of life hacks. People stop and stare because she is such a delightful online personality. She seems to have no secrets, and she is quick to give you information that you need on a plethora of subjects. That is what makes people listen to her.


All of her videos are designed to provide honest assessments of quick life hacks that can totally change the way that you do things. There is a lot of praise for her skills as a life hack expert. She has proven that she has just the right amount of comedic timing and knowledge to deliver content in a fun way. No one can deny that her videos are amusing. Even people that may not be planning to use some of these hacks will still be impressed with the delivery of the content. Wengie is the blueprint for successful video production.

Giving Hope to Low-income Students-Keith Mann

Keith Mann is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an animal advocate as well as a financier. Mr. Keith has a broad experience of over 15 years in the financial industry. Keith Mann can be described as an expert in hedge fund compensation practice, hiring as well as staffing policy. Mr. Keith is the co-founder of Dynamics Executive Search. Keith is known to be a go-getter, and after realizing that the hedge fund industry is expanding tremendously, he decided to venture into the hedge fund business in 2009.

Keith Mann is not only a financier and an entrepreneur he is also an animal advocate. He is a leader and always at the top of a movement known as Animal Liberation Front. Keith is not afraid to die while fighting for the rights of animals and in 1999 he was jailed for burning a lorry carrying meat. Keith Mann was raised in Rochdale Greater Manchester by his father who was a caretaker.

Dynamics Executive Search was founded in 2001. The financial institution mainly specializes in the provision as well as the distribution of services and products including hedge fund as well as an alternative investment to their clients all over the world. Dynamics Executive Search has been marvelously expanding since it was established and it serves more than 2000 customers each year. The company is not only recognized as one that offers quality services to its customers, but it was recently named and recognized as one of the largest database investment enterprises in the country. Dynamics Executive Search has collaborated with other alternative investments organizations in other nations including, Europe, United States, and Asia.

Dynamics Executive Search is also involved in community activities, and recently it announced its support for the education sector. It has partnered with uncommon School to distribute scholarships to the professional achievement an award that is meant to recognize the young innovators of the next generation in the business leadership. Keith Mann who is the Chief Executive Officer of Dynamics Executive Search said the firm was more than happy to be in partnership with the uncommon schools and that they are more than glad to offer scholarships to low-income students to enable them to achieve their dreams.

Mann’s Scholarships are only available to senior students who attend Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. The scholarship is available to one senior student who is offered with school fees worth $ 5000 to go to college.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Successfully Combines Family Life And Career

The career of Dr. Jennifer Walden is something the cosmetic surgeon is rightly proud of, but she is also just as proud of the family life she enjoys with her two sons and extended family following her return to the Austin, Texas region. Dr. Jennifer Walden was raised in the Austin region of Texas, but made her way to New York after becoming one of the most impressive plastic surgeons from her graduating class. Dr. Walden is hoping her own story will inspire young girls and women to push themselves further than ever before to have the success they feel they deserve in their home and family lives.


An area of success Dr. Walden is rightly proud of is the fast rise of her own practice she saw become a top Manhattan based destination in just seven short years. The continued success of her Manhattan based practice seemed assured, but Jennifer Walden also hoped to achieve personal success by starting a family and living as a successful single mother. Jennifer made her way from New York back to the bosom of her family in Austin, Texas in a bid to continue her career and provide the best possible family life for her sons.


Dr. Walden sees her return to Texas as a great choice for the standard of life her family is now enjoying as she believes the support of her parents offers the best environment to bring up her children. Specializing in cosmetic surgical techniques has given Dr. Walden the chance to offer procedures ranging from nose jobs, to breast augmentation, and soft tissue fillers.


The journey Dr. Walden has undertaken through the plastic surgery industry has given her a unique perspective on how the industry is changing and she believes more welcoming to women. The small number of female surgeons in relation to their male counterparts allows Dr. Walden to share her own experiences with her female patients of pregnancy changing her body; the surgeon herself is open to future surgeries for herself when and where she requires it.



Read more about Jennifer Walden:

Talk Fusion Will Take Its Representatives to Milan as a Reward

Talk Fusion, a direct company that focuses on video marketing, announced this month a trip to Milan, Italy in order to reward its independent representatives.


Talk Fusion, a prominent marketing business, wants to reward its hard-working independent distributors with a trip to Milan, Italy so that they can experience this great country’s culture, which is full of exceptional top-of-the-line fashion and exquisite cuisine.The event will take place in December of 2017, and Talk Fusion will provide to its winners with first-class accommodations. In order to qualify for the destination, Talk Fusion’s representatives must reach the level of “diamond” by October of 2017.


According to Bob Reina, the chief executive officer and founder of Talk Fusion, he was very happy to announce the trip. Providing to costumers and representatives with genuine and unique experiences is part of his company’s mission. Talk Fusion is known for awarding its distributors handsomely and by giving away things such as expensive cars, diamond rings and Rolex watches. Talk Fusion’s independent representatives will also travel to Dubai, Hawaii, Tampa and Orlando this coming December.


The trip to Italy will be available to current and future representatives of Talk Fusion, and they must be involved in the company’s current compensation plan, which is taking place in approximately 140 countries. The independent distributors of Talk Fusion have more than a year to prepare and to grow their businesses. Independent representatives promote Talk Fusion’s marketing products and services. They also share the business opportunity with other people. According to Allison Roberts, a vice president of Talk Fusion, one of the goals of individuals across the world is to become financially independent. People want to have free time, leisure and be able to spend more time with their love ones. Talk Fusion wants to improve the quality of live of its distributors, which is why the company promotes several trips every year. Talk Fusion will also reward associates with a trip to Maui, Hawaii the following year.


Bob Reina, who is the founder of Talk Fusion, founded this company in order to help businesses grow and be able to compete efficiently through its fun, engaging and unconventional video email marketing products. Talk Fusion has revolutionized the way people communicate through email with its products and services. Talk Fusion’s video marketing solutions are also ideal for personal use. Talk Fusion does provides free trials and packages tailored for individuals from all walks of life.

Jim Hunt Can Help You Become Wealthy

People need to start thinking rationally about financial matters from a young age. Financial planning is more important now than it ever was in human history. The average person has no idea about basic saving strategies and end up ill prepared for home ownership retirement or unexpected illness. Some people think of financial or employment matters as things that are magical or out of their control. In reality, people are masters of their own destinies and must take charge immediately.


Jim Hunt of VTA Publications provides services to help people plan for their financial futures.  Including the free articles that Jim writes, not to mention the long list of contacts they have available to members. He is experienced with investing and saving and can help the average person get out of their ruts.


Jim Hunt has published a series on Youtube that details how mum can turn 1000 British pounds into a fortune. This is called “Make Mum a Millionaire“. In reality, anybody can take his advice about financial planning to achieve their goals.


VTA Publications was founded in 2012 by Jim Hunt. It is a distance learning publication company that deals with economic and finance matters. They include experts from different parts of the world that come together to spread their knowledge in their online courses. Their experts also host in person seminars.

I Found My New Home In Manhattan Thanks To Town Residential


I found Town Residential after a mishap I had with another real estate company. I paid a real estate agency to help me find my New York City home, and it seems as if they took my money and ran. I never saw my agent after I paid him money to find me a home, and it wasn’t until he was fired that I realized I had made the wrong choice in choosing to work with that agency. I was given a full refund of my money, but it definitely was a setback.


I desperately needed to find a home in Manhattan, and I didn’t want just any place to lay my head. I’m willing to pay any money that I have to, to get the place I want, but I wasn’t finding the right real estate agency. I did some research and talked to some people at work, and I was finally able to find a great Town Residential realtor that helped me to find a beautiful home in Manhattan.


The home that I have has stairs that ascend up to an amazing loft, and the downstairs portion of the home is absolutely beautiful. I plan on having my family come to visit me, but all this was thought out before I even signed the papers to lease out the home. Town Residential is the company that I worked with to look at NYC real estate properties, and I must say that they truly came through for me.


Of all the realtors that I’ve worked with in New York City, I’ve never seen an agency as classy as Town Residential. My real estate agent was very punctual, and I never had to worry about her being on time to meet me. The only problem I have with Town Residential is the fact that they had so many beautiful homes that I found it hard to make the ultimate choice of picking the home I wanted to live in. I found the perfect place in Manhattan, and it’s all thanks to Town Residential, who was really there for me in my time of need.

The Exceptional Medical Services by Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin presently works as president of Health Attention Recruitment Counselors and has extended his foreignbase to Asia and Europe. Torchin acquainted himself with the health industry through his own proficiencies as a doctor of chiropractic exercise.

With the increasing understanding in what was required to retain a superior chiropractic facility, Brian and the Health Care Enrolment Counselors staff focused on a goal in which they would offer healthcare clients with the finest staff conceivable.

Consistent with their website, Health Care Enrollment Counselors employment offers extra availability in nights and weekends to their customers “to aid ensure actual and rapid communication with doctors and clients”.

The Health Care Counselors Staffing unit offers various services to prospective clients. It ensures that it hires personalities that would make the facility run smoothly. Health Care Enrollment Counselors staffing works precisely with chiropractic reserved practices and clinics in the quest of filling medical jobs, chiropractic jobs, physical therapy and many more.

In addition to helping their clienteles with competent therapists, assistants, and more others, HCEC staffing as well do professional checking, background and staff training cutting the bother for their customers.

On the Health Care Counselors staffing site, Brian posts blogs that offer tips on many topics. Torchin branded it “a blog to study about the risks when contracting a chiropractor, and the most competitive ways of hiring staff members”.

The trainings include instructions on how to recruit prospective employers successfully through shared sites like LinkedIn. Mr. Torchin also writes on the safety measures that medical practices need take to guarantee running a remarkable doctors’ offices.

Staffing is all about the client, they also request their customers to do the same.In an editorial titled ‘Cautioning signs that practice is not patient friendly’, he insists the significance of creating a warm setting for the prospective patients. From the waiting chamber to the agency staff, Brian says, “Ensure you and your staff make it very clear to each of your clients that you appreciate if it were not for them you would not be around…”

Mayer Green, from Specialists of America, the state’s largest firm that extends programs to medical exercise, gave an affirmative endorsement towards Brian and his work. “…we can reliably say that Torchin’s honesty, integrity, and expertise are unmatched. He is the leading recruiter in the United States by far”.

Torchin has similarly gained popularity for his public speaking at various meetings where he shares information on staffing and things that one has to avoid.




Handy home services- Your technology cleaner is here

Just recently Handy, a New York City-based company announced that it had raised another $50 million. The cash comes from the heavy funding the company had received from investors such as TPG Growth, Fidelity, Highland Capital, General Catalyst and Revolution Growth. The company is going to use that funding to expand to other cities from the 28 cities it is currently situated. The company aims at doubling its markets in the coming 12 months.

Handy initially started as Handybook in 2012. It was a platform where customers can easily book home services such as handymen cleaners, at an imaginably low and friendly price. Handy hires other handymen cleaners and dispatches them to homes through its mobile application and online platform. The company has grown immeasurably since it was started. It has received huge funding from investors. It faces huge competition from investors that offer similar services.

Handy brings in an exclusive convenience to customers. The old system of hiring sketch, unreliable cleaning agencies has been replaced with a newly organized website. All you have to do is to enter your zip code, the rooms you want cleaned and your starting price. You instantly get a price quotation and a tip and tax. If you feel the price is good, your card is going to be charged. No longer will you have to deal with stacks of cash and worry about over-payment or underpayment.

Handy beats its competitors because according to, it screens all of its freelancers. It does background checks, personal interviews to hundreds of people that apply. Today, only 3% of companies that apply get to work for Handy. The company further provides a money back guarantee when a customer does not like the work. It covers replacement costs on anything that could be damaged through the cleaning process. All services provided by Handy are customer based and provide the best customer experience.

Handy has done a good job to get repeat customers. The company has built this strong network effect because of quality service to customers. Their biggest competitors have been reported to have only 20% repeat bookings within a month. Handy on the other hand today enjoys a massive 80% bookings within a month. The number of happy clients that work with the company increase daily. Handy as always shown a huge commitment to expand and build its platform. The company aims at making management of your home stress-free and extremely simple.