EOS Lip Balm Is Trying To Reach Everyone On Social Media

The social media presence for EOS lip balm is very large, and they have created a company that is far beyond a simple lip balm brand. They are not the dollar store company that wants people to just pick up a tube of lip balm as they walk out of the store. They want to be a new kind of lip balm that will have a presence that people cannot miss. They have been very good about taking care of their social media presence (see, https://www.facebook.com/eos/), and they are very good to interact with people who are looking for information about the company.

Millenials love when they can interact with a company on social media because they want to be sure that the company has a human side. That human side of the company is what younger customers are looking for, and EOS lip balm is targeting people like this by working on their social media presence as much as they possibly can. They know that they can reach a lot more people just by being active on social media and talking to customers. The customers that get to talk to EOS on social media have a new way to remember that this is a real brand that is concerned with their needs.

EOS lip balm knows that it has to have the millennial market if they want to sell anything at all. They are trying very hard to make sure that they are doing all the right things to reach customers, and it makes them much more approachable as they do it. Their products are widely available on Walmart and online merchants like Ulta.The whole concept of a hip lip balm is something that people have not seen before, but it is something that they need to get used to as EOS floods the social media world with as much exposure for their products as they can get.

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+ http://www.racked.com/2014/10/31/7571165/eos-lip-balm


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