ClassDojo is Making School Enjoyable and Instantly Rewarding

ClassDojo is a user-friendly app, which many parents are finding easy to use. It is a communication platform between parents and the teachers of their children. With this app, parents stay informed about how their children are doing in school without even having to make a call. The app makes the teachers and the parents even more involved in the lives of the students. This boosts the connection between the parents, teachers, and students.


The app on its own is also a motivator for the students. It is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. It gives the students points for their behavior in class. A well-behaved student will earn points while the one with bad behavior will lose points. The award for good behavior is likely to have a positive impact on all the students. The app is facilitating ground-up change by rewarding students for their hard work and good behavior. For those who lose points, the parents and teachers will collectively help in correcting them.


Parents are already noticing the behavioral changes in their children as a result of the app. ClassDojo also ensures that messages get from teachers to parents and vice versa. In the past, messages, which were given to students, could not always reach the recipient. Apart from getting lost, the student could deliberately fail to deliver the message especially when they are being reported for bad behavior.


ClassDojo is quickly gaining popularity. At least 2 in 3 schools are using the app. Over 180 countries are using it. In the U.S. only, approximately 90% of the schools are using it.


The teachers can also set the app to suit the needs of the students. The teacher can add what the students should do and how many points they will get for it. Class Dojo also promotes positive competition among the students. Students can log in and see how many points each one of them has as well as their performance.


ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. ClassDojo has been very beneficial and empowering to the students, teachers and parents. Based on reviews it has become an indispensable learning tool.


The app is also creating community progress by involving parents and teachers. Education is an important aspect in every community. ClassDojo has also drastically reduced the meetings between teachers and parents. For most parents, this is a relief as they no longer have to miss work to attend meetings.

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