Wengie Recap: Things You’re Doing Wrong

YouTube blogger Wengie gives ideas related to “10 things you are doing wrong.”

Her first hack is how to wear earphones so they do not fall out. Simply cross the cords over each other, wrap the cord around the back of your ear, and put the earphones in your ears upside down.

Next Wengie shows how to cut cherry tomatoes efficiently. Place a bunch of tomatoes on top of a plastic lid, top with another plastic lid, then use a knife to cut through all of them from side to side. This saves time and mess. Then she suggests pouring a juice carton with the spout at the top; this allows for a smooth pour.

She then shows how to avoid shoulder bumps from hangers. Fold your sweater in half and place the hanger in the armpit, then fold the bottom and sleeves over the hanger. This will keep the sweater secure on the hanger and bump free. Her next hack is about perfume. Do not rub it in because this shortens the duration of the top notes.

Squat or put your feet on a stool for an easier poo. Close the toilet lid before flushing to avoid getting dirty water on your toothbrush or legs. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar to clean your shower head.

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