The Role Played by ClassDojo in Creating an Enchanting Classroom Environment

When Sam Chaudhary arrived in Palo Alto from the United Kingdom in 2011, he only had a 90-day tourist visa, an undergraduate degree in economics and some teaching experience. However, he had a big dream, which was to launch an ed-tech upstart. Sam was faced with the troublesome issue of lacking an idea about the exact form that his upstart would take. He had to start afresh together with cofounder Liam Don.

The two young men spent their first week reaching to teachers throughout California to establish challenges that bedevil them. They were operating from a small room, which doubled up as their sleeping quarters and offices. The two friends were however forced to return to the UK after their visas expired. Despite this, they kept reaching put to more educators. Luckily, their hard work and patience paid off.

Positive Attributes of the App

Five years down the line, Liam and Sam are the brains behind the latest ed-tech app ClassDojo, which has become highly popular within the teaching fraternity. The application is available to iOS and Android users on the App Store and Play Store respectively. The application is easy to use. It works just like a social media platform, and gives parents the ability to keep track of their children’s learning activities. This is done through videos and photos that are taken and uploaded by teachers.

ClassDojo has been downloaded by millions of parents and educators throughout the world. In the US for instance, it is used in more than two-thirds of schools. This unique communication platform has received rave reviews due to its ability to create a positive learning environment by connecting parents, teachers and students.

ClassDojo in Brief

Since its formation, the Francisco based company has made a name for itself within the education fraternity by advancing a unique application, which has the ability to ground up change in learning institutions. The company has grown remarkably despite facing stiff competition from similar companies that are more established. Its maiden app ClassDojo, is used in more than 85,000 learning centers.

ClassDojos’s founders have mainly been focusing on helping the firm to achieve more market visibility. To gain the trust of users, the company ensures that confidential information about them is kept as discrete as possible. The firm has a team of 25 highly motivated staff, all of whom are experts in various fields. Its popularity has seen it attract funding from venture firms such as General Catalyst.

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