Lime Crime Inspiration

When I think about a fearless woman living her dreams and creating a brand that represents being your true self and being yourself unapologetically, I think of Lime Crime and its creator Doe Deere.

She is inspiring to say the least, and with one look at her anyone can see that she has a big personality.

Lime Crime is a cosmetics brand that has bright and vivid colors perfect for the edgy woman (or man).

According to Deere’s interview with Galore, she created the name of the brand on a whim without knowing how far her brand would actually grow, and it turned out to be the most perfect name of all.

The packaging on all of her Lime Crime products is to die for, and the ever popular Velvetines liquid lipsticks have the perfect formulation for a smooth non-drying matte lip.

Her Galore article also touches upon the fact that she was named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. If that doesn’t make little girls believe that they can actually live out their dreams with hard work and dedication, I don’t know what will.

It is normally frowned upon for a woman to be independent and make her own way in the world by using her own creativity and desire for her life, but Doe Deere’s story makes one want to go out there and achieve whatever is in your heart!

This brand makes it fun and okay to stick out in a crowd (like the Unicorns we are) and we all have Doe Deere to thank for that.

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