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George Soros Offers a Ukraine Rescue Plan

George Soros, financial guru, hedge fund owner, political analyst and philanthropist, is a man concerned about the fate of the EU and of the “new” Ukraine in particular. In a recent article published in NY Books, George Soros outlines a suggestion for a rescue package from the European Union, given in the interest of stabilizing the Ukraine. Though this package would be expensive, it’s worth considering as the value in averting a major debt crisis in the Ukraine is enormous.

Soros is very quick to point out that the EU leadership is already facing many challenges, with crisis after crisis vying for their attention. Right now the EU is having to deal with the ongoing migration crisis, questions about the fate of the euro, and the issue of whether or not Britain will even stay in the EU. Yet Soros stresses that helping to bring stability to the new Ukraine is crucial for the stability of the EU overall.

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Save the New Ukraine

Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

The “new” Ukraine began in 2014, in the spirit of the Maidan revolution. This Ukraine is freer and more stable, but it needs support to continue its progress and avoid falling into a Greece-like debt situation.

The package Soros proposes for the Ukraine would include substantial financial support as well as as political crisis insurance, offered affordably. There would also be incentives for investors. George Soros Ukraine makes the point that a more stable Ukraine will become an attractive place for investors, which in turn would help the region stabilize even more. An end to the state run gas monopoly is also part of Soros’ proposal.

Right now the EU leadership certainly has more on its plate than it should have to deal with, but the reality is that the Ukraine must become more stable in order to avoid a larger crisis for the country itself, and the EU as a whole.

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Global Tel Link Integrity Breaches Exposed by Securus

Securus Technologies is one of the better known companies providing technological solutions to law enforcement agencies, which means their opinions on issues of security and fair pricing matters to many of their clients. Recently in a report from PR Newswire, they’ve made use of that platform to highlight unscrupulous actions by their competitor Global Tel Link.
Richard A. Smith, Securus Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer, has been vocal about the company’s responsibility to its clients and public by maintaining a level of confidence. Smith sees the work companies like Securus does as essential in maintaining public safety and aiding law enforcement in continuing to be effective in providing services crucial to their immediate communities. Smith says Securus plans to maintain the confidence they’ve earned and continue to provide their essential services by publishing their findings on Global Tel Link’s practices and making them available to all to review.

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Over the next six months, Securus will release several reports they have compiled on GTL’s business practices, reveals PR Newswire. The first that has been released is an order compiled by the Louisiana Public Service Commission that is 17 pages in length. The order is based on a report done on GTL after being contracted to provide outbound telecom services and products to the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Investigators were able to determine that GTL unlawfully tampered with clocks between calls and inflated rate caps and charges through add-on programs they were unaware of. GTL even double-billed the state, and all of their practices were determined to have cost taxpayers an approximate $1,243,000.00 in unnecessary and unauthorized overcharges.

Smith has denounced the behavior of its competitor and has deemed GTL’s business practice as atrocious. He went on to state that the public, who helps pay for these services, should be informed of predatory companies like GTL.

The order from the Louisiana Public Service Commission had been made available through Securus. Visit crunchbase to get more info on Securus.

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Goettl Air Conditioning; A Trusted Name Returns To Las Vegas


The economy may not be as robust as it was before the economic collapse of 2007, but one individual is doing his part to bring jobs back to Las Vegas, and it’s a familiar name too!
Entrepreneur Ken Goodrich purchased the Goettl Air Conditioning Company, a name long-time Las Vegas resident are familiar with. Goettl Air Conditioning Company opened in 1939 and is a name that consumers for decades trusted. It closed its doors in the first decade of the new millennium but is now open again, with new management, and an expanded workforce.
With an expanded service area offering routine service, required maintenance, and necessary repair, Goettl Air Conditioning Company needs additional HVAC technicians for residential and commercial customers. Commenting on the need for more personnel, Goodrich commented, “We plan on hiring 50 new employees in 2016 and expanding to 250 new jobs within the next three years.” “One of our main initiatives is to hire veterans as well. We really are focused not just on creating jobs, but on creating successful careers. Education and training matter as much as hiring!”

He is a staunch believer in education for all of his HVAC technicians, and stands behind the corporate motto ‘get it done right the first time.’ All technicians receive continuous training while employed at Goettl Air Conditioning Company. Ken established the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program endowment fund to support continuing education. He also created the Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN Post-9/11 Veteran HVAC scholarship fund as a resource to give veterans that graduate the needed tools for their HVAC careers.

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George Soros: The European Union Has To Stand With Ukraine In Her Time Of Need

The fall in global oil price per barrel has had an indirect effect on the current financial crisis in Russia. For Russia to balance the books, the Kremlin’s exchequer would hope for the price of oil in the international market to be around a hundred dollars, which is a far cry from today’s situation at half the price.

In an nybooks article, the world renown business mogul George Soros argues that this situation has caused had the unintended consequence of making the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia to be more severe to the economy and Putin’s regime. As a part of the US and European governments attempt to prevent Russian annexation of Crimea, they targeted Russian corporations and financial markets hoping to inflict pain on the country’s economy.

As we speak the Russian ruble valued has plummeted by half causing massive inflation, which has caused economic crisis not experienced before under Putin’s leadership. The only reprieve for Russia has been the accumulated money reserves, which has to enable the Russian Treasury to inject the needed hard currency to the economy. The Chinese Central Bank has also come to the rescue of the Russian economy by accepting swaps that are dwindling by the day.

If the Oil prices and the high inflation is not alarming enough, then consider the over a billion-dollar debt that Russia should repay in the coming year. Even though it is unlikely, we can ignore the fact that Moscow can default on its obligations to the international lenders. According to George Soros, a default would precipitate a financial turmoil in the global markets from Hong Kong to New-York, especially to the European zone. Caution should, therefore, be taken to avert that occurrence by cushioning Ukraine from to the incidents in the neighboring Russia.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

Save the New Ukraine

It is crucial for Western powers to assist Ukraine in lowering inflation and enhancing economic growth by buying goods and services from the country. It would also be handy if European multinationals were encouraged to open branches in Ukraine thus inject capital and jobs into the struggling Kiev Economy.

According to George Soros Ukraine, Ukraine urgently needs to strengthen her military. It requires massive budgetary allocations beyond the country’s economy; it is thus important for the international community to extend credit to the country. However, international financial institutions are not structured in a way that is flexible and more accommodating to political cum economic crisis that Ukraine is going through today. The European Union Secretariat and decision making is slow and thus not well suited to extending emergency credit as we require in this situation.

The European Commission must wake to the fact that Moscow is no longer the ally they had in the days gone. The current environment of ultra-conservatism, prosecution of gay people and religious intolerance is incompatible with European ideals. For that reason, the European Union should do all in its power to prevent another Georgia or Ukraine crisis from Occurring in future.

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Top Female Cosmetic Surgeon in Austin: Dr. Jennifer Waldren

Being a surgeon has been Dr. Jennifer Waldren’s dream since an early age. In the eighth grade, she received the compliment that she had surgeon hands. Early exposure to the field of medicine attracted her to be a surgeon. Her father was a dentist and her mother was a surgical nurse. She learned how to work hard and care for people through the example set by her parents.

Waldren completed her Doctorate and residency in Texas before moving New York. She wanted to purse her interest in aesthetic surgery as she worked on her fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital. While in New York, she continued to perfect her skills by practicing with the world famous plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston. However, she decided to come home when she made a important life decision: to become a mother.

She chose to be a single mother and wanted her twin sons, now in preschool, to be close to her family. Balancing her highly successful career and home life has been difficult, but she has enlisted plenty of help from her family, nanny, and au pair. The life adjustment from New York to Austin wasn’t easy either, but her skills and innovative thinking has set her apart as one of the top surgeons in Austin.

Publications like Texas Monthly and Harper Bazaar have received peer nominated honors for her. She is a rare gem in her field, because female doctors are rare in cosmetic surgery. She uses 3-D technology to help patients visualize the results of the surgery, and she has even invented tools for breast augmentation that others use in the field. Dr. Waldren has done what most women desire. She has balanced home and work life, and she has become highly successful in her field.


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