Charity Efforts From Skout Help Make A Wish Foundation


New Discovery In Social Media

One of the newest applications I have discovered for meeting people online is Skout. I found out about them a couple months ago, and their application has seriously changed my way of meeting people. I feel like my social circle has become bigger by using Skout’s application. They have all kinds of fun and interesting people on their application who are wanting to meet friends, online friends or romantic relationships. There is someone out their for everyone, and that someone might be waiting for you on Skout’s platform. It is 100% free to download Skout. Signing up for Skout is free, and it is free to use their messenger and other services.

Most dating sites out there on the internet are filled with bots, and most of those sites cost money. They are not worth the time you are investing. Skout is different because it is free to use, and the people on Skout are real. The people on Skout are interesting to talk to as well. I have had quite a few people message me from all around the world. I have met people in the neighborhood that I live in from Skout. I have also chatted with quite a few people from other countries. It is nice to hear about their cultures, and I have even considered traveling to their country. The travel feature that Skout launched recently is called Passport, and I highly recommend trying it.

New Survey And Charity Efforts

PR Newswire recently published the results of a survey that Skout conducted about National Superhero Day. The survey results are pretty interesting. The majority of men and women who picked their favorite superhero was actually different, believe it or not. Men went with picking Superman as their favorite superhero of all time. Women ended up picking Batman as their favorite. Also, around 80 percent of people surveyed admit to wanting to be a superhero in real life.

To celebrate and give back to their community, Skout started a charity to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation. This charity took place on April 28th, National Superhero Day. The charity involved some innovative practices where the developers added a new superhero themed gift for people to purchase, and the proceeds were sent to the Make A Wish Foundation. Here is the original article referenced earlier from PR Newswire’s website.

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