Alexei Beltyukov and His Commitment to Russian Business and Education

Alexei Beltyukov is the founder of Endemic Capital. He founded this company in 2013. The goal if his company is to target start-up companies in Russia. He is passionate about helping others in Russia develop ventures and go into business. He also wants to seek out those who are interested in going to business school.

Alexei also created a financial company called A-Ventures Ltd. The goal of the company is to help companies in Russia that are financially struggling. His goal is to inject funds into their operations.

He has worked with the Russian Administration to provide reputable economic leadership and support. Much of his impact is done through the Skolkovo Foundation, where he is the vice president. The organization he works for offers grants and investment opportunities for IT businesses who are starting up in Russia. This organization also works with entrepreneurs who have a desire to expand their business across Russia.

Alexei began his career working in the medical industry. He later decided to change careers and pursue a career in business. He earned his MBA from a school called INSEAD Business School.

Also being passionate about education, he created a program called SOLVY in the beginning of 2014. SOLVY is an online system that gives high school students and teachers the opportunity to interact with each other when they are at home. The system also helps teachers check student progress and to find out what information should be taught.

He came up with SOLVY so that he could broaden the aspects of learning in a high school setting. This holds especially true when it comes to solving math problems. One great thing about this program is that students are not given multiple choices when it comes to answering math questions. Instead, they have to show how they solved the problems, step by step. This encourages the students to problem solve and gives them more confidence when solving math problems.

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