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New Healthy Dog Foods Are Gaining In Popularity

Freshpet Inc.’s factory is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and makes refrigerated pet foods. The company has joined the ranks of a growing trend in the pet food industry, making healthy pet foods for your pets. Dog and cat lovers have been making the move to healthier pet foods, and many of them taste just as good as what you feed yourself.
Lamb and salmon have been mixed into pet food for many years, however many pet food companies are now putting more focus into the quality of their pet foods. Pet foods such as Freshpet and others have taken a hint from Beneful, transitioning to a healthier, fresher food for your furry friends.

There are pet foods designed to help your dog lose weight, and PurinaStore provides a way for pet lovers to create customized foods for their pets. This shows that the latest trend is giving more control to pet owners. Dog and cat lovers enjoy caring for their pets.

With dog foods such as lasagna and even beef stroganoff, duck jerky and grilled beef dog treats, pet foods without artificial flavorings and colors are gaining in popularity. This trend parallels the current trends in human foods, with consumers wanting more and more health conscious choices.

Beneful makes dry dog food ( that gives your puppy a diet that is rich in calcium, and provides him all of the nutrients that he requires to live the best that he can live. It even includes DHA to give his brain what it needs to function properly, and his eyes what it needs to see clearly, everyday, all day.

Beneful is made with real chicken, and is flavored with peas and carrots to provide a nutritious and healthy food for your puppy. With ground yellow corn, whole wheat flour, chicken and more, Beneful has certainly helped paved the way for a new trend in pet food. Their products are available on leading supermarkets like Wal-Mart.

Now, our pets are enjoying the same health conscious meals as their owners are. With these two trends gaining in popularity and shaping the way that both humans and pets alike eat, the future is looking very healthy.

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Bernardo Chua’s Success With Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a very large and successful company, and it continues to grow. This company was started by a man named Bernardo Chua. CrunchBase reveals Chua has successfully run a number of different business. Originally, he was from the Philippines. However, he moved to the United States for business reasons. While in the United States, he has worked with two companies that sell coffee. For the first, he worked as a manager for the US division of a company, called Gano Excel. Then, he founded his own company, called Organo Gold.

Both of these companies made a special type of coffee. The coffees and teas sold by these companies contain a medicinal mushroom, called Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum has a lot of healing properties that have been used for many thousands of years. It has shown effectiveness with helping a number of different bodily systems. Ganoderma lucidum has benefits throughout all areas of the body, and it can benefit the health of anyone. In addition to having a lot of health benefits, the products sold by Organo Gold are quite tasty. In fact, they have been highly rated in terms of taste.

The products from Organo Gold have been sold in a variety of different countries. Now, they are being sold in a new country. The products of Organo Gold are now being sold in Turkey, which has a long history with fine coffees. In fact, the world’s first coffee house was in Turkey, several centuries ago. The fact that Organo Gold’s products are being sold there and are popular there is a testament to the quality of the coffee made by the company.

Bernardo Chua was not originally in the coffee business. Instead, he got his start with multi level marketing. When he succeeded in this area, he began to move on to the coffee business. He began working for Gano Excel in the Philippines. Then, Gano Excel began to expand. Gano Excel ultimately transferred him to the United States, and he managed the division of their company located there.

Organo Gold can be expected to continue to become more successful over the years. It is expected that the company will be quite successful in Turkey. This will have an effect on the entire business, making it more successful. In the future, it is likely that their products will be sold in an even broader area. They are already sold in numerous countries, throughout the world.  Read more about Bernardo on Wikipedia.

How Stephen Murray Built CCMP Capital

There are many CEO’s who do a great job building their respective companies. A true business leader is one who can see the needs of both the present and the future. During his time at CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray built the company into one of the best in the industry.

Over a long period of time, Stephen Murrays work is a great example of how to build a company the right way. Up until his death, he was regarded as one of the best leaders in the business world. There are a lot of people who look up to the work that he did with CCMP Capital. The good news is that there are many lessons that we can take from his work today.

Building a Company

In today’s world, it is relatively easy to start up a company. Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, and this has allowed people to create companies at a much faster rate than before. Anyone who had to build a company fifty years ago faced a much tougher challenge. Observer said that this is one of the things that makes Stephen Murray’s work even more impressive.

Over time, he was able to build a great investment company without the help of modern technology. Serving customers and providing them with a lot of value never goes out of style. Anyone who is wanting to start up a company of their own should look at how he was able to do so with such a high level of success. Stephen Murray is a great example of the impact that a person can make on a company.

Stephen Murray

Some people are born with the desire to start up a great business. Over the long term, Stephen Murray was able to lead CCMP Capital to be one of the best companies in the world. There are few people who would have been able to build up the company like he did. According to to Crunchbase, Stephen Murray always believed in treating people fairly. His employees loved working for him simply because he wanted them to be there.

The employee turnover at CCMP Capital was among the lowest in the industry, and this helped the company to stay steady during bad economic times. A lot of investment firms went out of business during the last financial crisis. However, Stephen Murray was able to lead CCMP Capital to stay afloat during one of the worst recessions in history.

Chinese Economy Adds To The Concerns Of George Soros

Hedge fund billionaire George Soros has recently been looking into the problems facing the global economy on in the wake of escalating problems in the Chinese economy. George Soros has become well known for his ability to predict the success and failure of particular areas of the world based upon their financial and political state; perhaps the most famous time George Soros used his skills was in the breaking of the Bank of England in 1992, which the Hungarian born former refugee is reported to have obtained $1 billion from after gambling on the fate of the currency of the U.K.

George Soros turned his attention to the problems facing the Chinese economy at a forum looking into the financial future of Asia that was the second time he has warned of problems about to strike the global economy. The hedge fund manager stated his belief that the conditions in the global economy on being created by issues within the second largest economy in the world are similar to those causing the 2008 economic slowdown that still causes repercussions to the present day. Unlike the 2008 slowdown, which has been blamed on issues in the U.S. economy, China is now the focus of attention for Soros and its problems coping with the changes in its own country.

Earlier in the year George Soros attended another financial forum in Colombo, Sri Lanka and stated his belief the Chinese economy is being mishandled by government officials; Soros explained his belief that the changing focus of the economy was shifting towards consumption and away from investing. The Chinese economy on is facing a crisis in terms of the levels of credit being accepted by financial institutions within the country that are now outweighing deposits to banks in China.

The current trend for increased levels of credit follows the problems the country has faced with a growing middle class looking for greater levels of consumption and services that have reduced the ability of China to continue manufacturing at earlier levels. George Soros has already stated his belief that the world markets are struggling to stay afloat as a number of problems erupt around the world, which could result in a crash as great as that of 2008. Among these issues are the growing refugee crisis in Europe that Soros believes has the ability to cause the collapse of the political group if it is not handled correctly.

Fabletics Launches Swimwear Line

Elite Daily just reported that Fabletics is launching a brand new swimwear line, which features ladies’ sizes XXS to XXL. The new swimwear line was set to debut on April 12 and is available online through Fabletics’ site. Kate Hudson, one of the co-founders of Fabletics, announced that she is so excited to see the new swimwear line hit the site and is thrilled with how the designs came out for the line.

She said they are a stunning combination of comfortable, sturdy, athletic and sexy, which will appeal to a broad range of women and be a certain hit for this summer season. Hudson was also proud to announce that the swimwear is designed to flatter an entire range of different body types.

The patterns and fabric incorporated into the new swimwear line for Fabletics ranges from mesh to tropical print and features a lot of bright colors and prints. The Elite Daily article includes quite a few pictures of the new swimwear line so that readers can see just how cutting edge and creative the new items are.

Wikipedia says that Fabletics has been around since 2013 and mainly operates on a monthly subscription model. For only $49.95 a month, Fabletics VIP members can have their choice from newly released outfits and are even treated to free shipping and hassle free returns or exchanges.

The outfits are released monthly and come in a variety of different styles, so there are plenty of fun options available, no matter the personal style preference.

What helps set Fabletics apart from other fitness fashion retailers in the market is that it produces clothing at the same top quality as other retailers but charges only a fraction of the price.

This pricing model has been the same since Fabletics was founded and is poised to stay this way. Customers rave about the fun designs and great prices, which are not as readily available from other major fitness fashion retailers. New customers can find thousands of reviews available on Fabletics’ site so that they can get a sense of the fit and quality of the outfits before purchasing.

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How Nutrimost has Made Weight Loss Achievable

Many people struggle to lose extra weight. In the end, they fail because there is little knowledge in the public domain about the correct diet to partake. San Antonio doctor, Rob Vasquez discovered a groundbreaking weight loss program known as Nutrimost, which has been of great benefit to him. Dr. Vasquez himself had struggled with weight issues for most of his adult life. The program on has however helped him shed 35 pounds in 40 days, which is quite an impressive feat.

The program’s objective is to help people live healthier lives. The NutriMost system was developed using high-tech scanning technology. This helps understand the origin of a person’s health problems. Once this has been established, a program is developed to restore the client’s fitness. This is based on understanding the body’s hormonal balance. Thereafter, hormones that store fat are deactivated while those that metabolize fat are triggered.

Dr. Vasquez’s Health Tips

The medic advices those who want maintain low fat content in their bodies to eat organic foods. These are chemical-free hence have no effect the health and weight of the human body. He instructs patients to eat more vegetables. This is because they have high vitamin levels, which decrease the possibility of contracting chronic ailments. Vegetables also have low calorie levels and a lot of nutrients needed for the maintenance of a healthy body.

Patients need to have an understanding of sugars. Fruits and vegetables are whole foods and comprise a lot of fluids, fibers, antioxidants and vitamins. These are natural sugars, which are beneficial to the body. Most of the packaged items found in supermarket shelves have refined sugars, which cause obesity. It is therefore important to reduce the intake of products such as sodas and sweets. In addition, patients can achieve a healthy lifestyle by getting a body composition examination, which shows the amount of water, fat and muscle in the body. This analysis helps one to come up with a healthy diet plan. To read more, click on this link:

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The Donation of Charles Koch

Among the wealthy individuals in the United States are the Koch brothers who are dedicated Libertarians who have created a vast network of funds in order to contribute large donations to worthy causes. The Koch brothers are not only most noted for their company called Koch Industries, but they are also most noted for being influential individuals within the political world. The influence that the Koch brothers has been demonstrated during the 2012 presidential campaign. During this campaign, the Koch brothers fully endorsed Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, by donating over $400 million to his campaign. Their goal with politics is to lobby for a free market without tariffs as well as subsidies that only harm the economy.

Charles Koch has built his oil-refining business for decades and has gained a powerful monopoly on the oil-refining business. With not only his success, but also with his determination, Charles Koch has become an influential member in both the business industry as well as in the world of politics. Recently in news, Koch has demonstrated his support for the free market by donating ten million dollars to George Mason University which is most noted for being a libertarian university. This public school has built its reputation on creating a powerhouse in both economics as well as in law. Charles hopes that this generous donation will continue the great work and education that is provided to the students.

George Mason University is a public school that is located just outside of Washington D.C. Between the years of 2011 to present day, this school has also received close to 100 million dollars from billionaire, Charles Koch. George Mason University is the only university that receives this large sum of money at once from the Koch brothers. Though the Koch brothers donate over 20 million dollars to hundreds of universities, no other university receives more than one million dollars on an annual basis. The Koch brothers state that these donations absolutely come without conditions.

In 2014, Charles donated close to 17 million dollars to George Mason University. This made up around one third of the university’s private donations. The majority of the money generally goes to both the Institute for Human Studies and the Mercatus Center. The Mercatus Center is a large think tank that is dedicated to policy making for politicians in Washington D.C. The policies are all free market oriented.

Who are the Queens Of Drama?

Queens of drama is a relatively new reality-documentary series debuting in April of 2015. This show follows six soap opera stars as they work to make another soap opera with the hopes of landing a pilot deal by the end of the season. All six of the stars enact characters that they have played in the past making it like a soap in itself. Actresses Crystal Hunt and Lindsay Hartley have a sassy relationship with each other which consists of a lot of catty remarks about age. The show airs on the television network POP and usually has back to back episodes.

On the show the women are playing fictionalized versions of themselves from characters they have played on the shows that they were in and Crystal Hunt’s is Stacy Morasco from ‘One Life to Live’. Her character displays her background in business and creative skills and she shows that she has a great amount of creative abilities. In her real life, Crystal Hunt also owns a pet boutique which further backs up her business-oriented mind and this is shown on the show Queens of Drama as well. It can be said that Crystal Hunt might also be viewed as one of the more successful people on the show from her roles outside of the soap opera world.

Her official fan Facebook shows Crystal Hunt was a pageant girl starting at the age of two and used acting as her talent. Her works outside of this show include Guiding light, which she was on 2003 to 2006, and One Life to Live from 2009 to 2012. Along with those she has also made appearances in movies like The Derby Stallion and the more recent big-screen film Magic Mike XXL as Lauren. Hunt is crossing over and looks to have a long future in the world of acting.  To see where Crystal is headed next, be sure to bookmark her photography website.

Kyle Bass: What Bad Decision Will We Read About Next?

Kyle Bass was the founder of Hayman Capital Management, LP. He created the company in 2006 to start a hedge fund. Initially he became very wealthy and successful by predicting the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. Bass researched and invested in unstable loans that were most likely to default. His prediction came true, and while homeowners were being foreclosed on, Bass was making half a billion dollars.

However this apparently was where his success ended. Since this time Bass has made multiple bad business decisions and questionable alliances. A recent article on talked about Bass’s partnership with Argentina president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. In a move that was wildly unpopular with other investors, Bass supported her economic strategies which have since driven Argentina into poverty. He has been her supporter and sung her praises as she has passed irresponsible economic policies and ripped off her own people. When Kirchner defaulted for a second time on her country’s loans, Bass stated that he thought it was “immoral” that the creditors wanted to be paid back.

This was not the end of Kyle Bass’s questionable practices. He defended General Motors when they were experiencing problems with faulty airbags not deploying in crashes. Instead of investigating why the car company had not addressed the problem, Bass went on television and blamed the victims of the crashes. He stated that they must have been irresponsible and intoxicated.

Kyle Bass’s most recent ventures have included dabbling in the pharmaceutical industry. His new practices involved short selling pharmaceutical company stocks and then filing a challenge for one or more of their patents. This move caused the company’s stocks to go down. Bass would then profit from his own stocks. Bass set up an organization called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs just for this purpose. Bass maintained that he was looking out for the good of the people. By breaking the patents that the companies had, medication prices would be driven down. The public was able to see right through this excuse, and later Bass did admit that he was in it just for the profit. Bass’s logic was that the pharmaceutical companies were likewise in business for profit, and this made his practices acceptable. In the meantime, innocent people who depended on those medications were not able to get their prescriptions filled.

After his first lucky break, Kyle Bass has made one poor decision after another. It does leave a person to wonder where his name will turn up next in the media, and what his next scam will be.